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The Thanksgiving Tree

Every year we plan the gathering and the meal and organize the grocery shopping and the preparations. It’s a scramble to remember if we invited everyone we should invite and to get the turkey in time and at the correct weight to feed our crowd. We cannot forget the thankful part! This year, have all Read More

Say Goodbye to Watering and Hello to Beautiful Outdoor Plants

Spring is here and to celebrate, we have added 250 new artificial outdoor plants to our already extensive collection. Each and every one of these plants is UV protected, ensuring it won’t fade in the sun. What could be better than plants that look great all the time without watering or maintenance? If you have Read More

Using Artificial Palms to Decorate a Bedroom

Houseplants are commonly used to bring the outdoors into transitional spaces such as foyers, sunrooms and living rooms but they aren’t always a first thought for other rooms in your home. If you have a space in your home that feels as though it is missing a layer of color, texture, or life, consider using Read More

Artificial Outdoor Plants Perfect for Fall

When the weather turns cool and the autumn leaves begin to fall, it is easy for your property to look a little bit stark. Solve this seasonal problem by adding some artificial outdoor plants to your landscape. Whether it is a simple hanging basket of ribbon grass hanging from your porch or a big, beautiful Read More

Artificial Porch Plants You Are Sure to Love

Your front porch is one of the first things your guests will notice and acts as a major source of your curb appeal. Make sure that your front porch sets the tone for the rest of your home by decorating it with beautiful plants. When tending to the garden is not your favorite activity, artificial Read More

Unconventional Places to Use Artificial Plants

Artificial plants aren’t limited to philodendrons and dusty houseplants. In recent years, they have been used in a variety of unconventional way, always with stunning results. Looking for a new an interesting way to use artificial plants throughout your home? We have three winning ideas that you are sure to love. Repurposing Items into Terrariums Terrariums Read More

5 Artificial Border Plants to Line Your Walkway

Lining a walkway with beautiful border plants can give your home a beautiful, manicured look and instantly enhance your curb appeal. Unfortunately, using real plants in this way can also mean constant trimming, sweeping, and watering. Get the look you love without all of the additional work by using any of these 5 artificial border plants Read More

Caring for Your Artificial Plants and Arrangements

The day that you first bring home your artificial arrangements, they look brand new and fantastic. Artificial arrangements are low maintenance by design but the occasional cleaning is required. These instructions will typically come with your new artificial plant or arrangement but if you have an older plant, this is a great resource for you Read More