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Caring for Your Artificial Plants and Arrangements

The day that you first bring home your artificial arrangements, they look brand new and fantastic. Artificial arrangements are low maintenance by design but the occasional cleaning is required. These instructions will typically come with your new artificial plant or arrangement but if you have an older plant, this is a great resource for you as well.

Artificial Bonsai

Placing Indoor Artificial Plants

Indoor artificial plants are not intended to be placed in direct sunlight, as our outdoor plants are. For that reason, we recommend that you place them in a location with low humidity and out of direct sunlight. When you do, your artificial plant will be a beautiful part of your decor for many years to come.

Preserved Protea Arrangement

Dusting Your Artificial Plants

Dusting these indoor artificial plants and arrangements couldn’t be easier. Simply take a blow dryer on the low or cool setting to dust the leaves and branches of your plant. When you are done, you can also apply a leaf shine product if desired, but this step is not necessary.

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