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Concealing Air Conditioners with Artificial Outdoor Plants

We work so hard to enhance the curb appeal of our homes but it is inevitable that either your front yard or your side yard is going to feature a large, metal, unsightly air conditioning unit. Many homeowners also place their trash bins next to their air conditioning units. I have a great way to Read More

The Artificial Plants and Flowers Industry: A Beautiful History

Today, artificial plants and flowers are used for both their beauty and the benefit of their low-maintenance upkeep. In fact, the manufacturing of artificial flowers has become so advanced that the real thing can be difficult to differentiate from their faux counterparts. The current day realistic versions of artificial plants and flowers are just the Read More

Low Maintenance Manicured Gardens

Manicured gardens such as this one are absolutely stunning. The tall, spiral topiaries offer height while the low plants, arranged in rows of alternating colors adds visual interest. Low hedges not only define the perimeter of each garden bed, but they also enhance the overall look with some lovely greenery. Enjoy  beautifully manicured gardens when you Read More

3 Ways to Enhance Your Front Walkway

If you are like me, you probably have a standard concrete walkway that leads from your driveway right up to your front door. While these concrete walkways are very functional, they are far from beautiful. Today, we are going to talk about three ideas for adding beauty to these paths and enhancing the curb appeal Read More

Decorating a Dorm Room

Are you getting ready to send your son or daughter off to college? With the start of school just days away, parents nationwide are making a mad dash to the stores to get everything their kids need for decorating a dorm. When you arrive at the college, chances are you will have a standard white Read More

Decorating a Rooftop Terrace with Outdoor Artificial Plants

Rooftop terraces offer superior views of the landscape around you but they can also be brutal to natural plants because they provide little to no shade and can be a very hot location. Instead of constantly fighting to keep natural plants alive, try replacing them with artificial ones that have been specifically designed for outdoor Read More

Make place cards with artificial or live cactus

Cactuses, (OK, cacti) are just so cute. We are seeing them pop up on design blogs all over the place, especially mini cactuses. Usually, several different types are displayed together in small decorative planters in eye-catching shapes or colors. These darling displays are simply irresistible. There are many ways you can use cactuses creatively, but Read More