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Floor Plants - Indoor

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Artificial Areca Palm in Bamboo Vase
34 inch Spathiphyllum Bush: Potted
35 inch Cordyline in Decorative Vase
19 inch Golden Dieffenbachia in Planter
45 inch Silk Golden Dieffenbachia in Decorative Planter
38 inch Silver Queen in Decorative Planter
58 inch Artificial Bird of Paradise Plant: Potted
30 inch Aglonema in Decorative Vase
42 inch Artificial Split Leaf Philodendron: Potted - OVERSTOCK
5 foot Bracken Fern in Footed Container
37 inch Artificial Cactus in Decorative Stone Pot
48 inch Spathiphyllum in Decorative Planter
2 foot Green Sheep Grass: Potted
48 inch Zamia Plant: Potted (Set of 2)
2 foot Green and Brown Grass: Potted
5 foot Cordyline Plant: Potted
3 foot Vining Mixed Greens in Decorative Stand
3.5 foot Artificial Bird of Paradise: Potted

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40 inch Artificial Variegated Agave Plant: Potted
4 foot Artificial Dieffenbachia Plant: Potted (Set of 2)
57 inch Artificial Marginatum in Decorative Planter
34 inch Artificial Cordyline Plant: Potted (Set of 2)
4 foot Outdoor Split Leaf Philodendron: Limited UV
4.5 foot Real Touch Indoor Cornstalk Dracaena Tree in Decorative Vase
4 foot Double Bird of Paradise and Pothos in Decorative Container
2 foot Brushed Grass: Potted
5 foot Eva Sea Grape Plant: Potted
50 inch Artificial Mixed Greens & Cattails in Stand Planter
Laura Ashley 44 inch Giant Aloe Plant in round Planter
5 foot Papyrus Plant: Potted
38 inch Boston Fern in Stand
4 foot Artificial Emerald Philodendron Plant: Potted

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Displaying 1 - 32 of 104 items