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5 Artificial Border Plants to Line Your Walkway

Lining a walkway with beautiful border plants can give your home a beautiful, manicured look and instantly enhance your curb appeal. Unfortunately, using real plants in this way can also mean constant trimming, sweeping, and watering. Get the look you love without all of the additional work by using any of these 5 artificial border plants to line your walkway. Get inspired to enhance the look of your home with any of these gorgeous and realistic looking artificial outdoor plants.

5 Artificial Border Plants

1. 18-Inch Grass Spray

Artificial grasses are a casual plant that is reminiscent of beachside properties. The gently reaching leaves of this artificial grass spray are just varied enough to give the whole plant a realistic look. These grass sprays can be lined up right next to one another to create one continuous line or spread out for a more open look.

2. 24-Inch Artificial Bromeliad

Artificial bromeliads add a pop of color to a walkway. The rich green leaves spread out to expose a colorful center. Bromeliads are available in a wide range of colors and add a tropical touch to a landscape design.

3. 18-Inch Artificial Azalea

Azaleas are a classic outdoor plant. The bright flowers are truly show-stoppers. When you use these plants to line your walkway, you are guiding people up to your home with a beautiful, feminine path. Azaleas are available in a wide range of colors, including red, white, and more.

4. 23-Inch Boston Fern

Get a casual, low look for your walkway when you line it with these artificial Boston ferns. These plants spread out nice and far, covering a lot of ground. Space them a couple feet apart the whole way along your walkway or alternate them with a brighter plant, such as a bromeliad.

5. 12-Inch Boxwood Bush

What plant is more popular in a flower bed than a boxwood bush? This common plant grows quickly and needs constant trimming. When you go artificial, boxwoods automatically become manageable. Artificial boxwood bushes are available in multiple heights, but the 12-inch ones lend themselves perfectly to lining a walkway.

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