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Unconventional Places to Use Artificial Plants

Artificial plants aren’t limited to philodendrons and dusty houseplants. In recent years, they have been used in a variety of unconventional way, always with stunning results. Looking for a new an interesting way to use artificial plants throughout your home? We have three winning ideas that you are sure to love.


Repurposing Items into Terrariums

Terrariums are rising in popularity lately, especially those designed around succulents. But instead of using store-bought glass cubes, venture into unconventional terrarium containers. One customer recently took a 1960’s era television, removed everything behind the domed glass, and filled it with a combination of plants and black and white photos of family members.

Mixed Media Bell Jars

Bell Jars have become a popular way to showcase everything from family heirlooms to string lights. Adding artificial plants to these mantle decorations is a fabulous way to add greenery because they will not damage the other items inside the bell jar and require no oxygen, sunlight, or drainage. Imagine tucking some succulents in with a black and white photo. Use a single bell jar or mix and match jars of various sizes to create a stunning, sprawling centerpiece.

Create Beautiful Wall Art

Anyone can decorate their walls with framed photographs but if you are looking for a different type of wall art, try creating a custom art installation. Start with a large square or rectangle of foam, roughly two inches thick. Gather short-stemmed artificial plants, such as succulents. One stem at a time, insert the stamps into the foam. Using different types of artificial plants in different sections can create a pattern or even a picture, when done on a large enough scale.


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