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A Close-Up Look at Artificial Outdoor Plants

Have you always wondered what our artificial outdoor plants look like close up? Today, we are sharing a great YouTube video that shows you four of our artificial outdoor plants and the features that make them such a great choice for any landscaping project. These are some of our favorite features but feel free to Read More

Featured: Artificial Plants Decorating a Walkway

We love when we have the opportunity to see our artificial plants in use. Today, we would like to share with you how a Florida resident and valued customer of ours completely transformed the walkway to her front door using a combination of artificial bromeliads and bougainvillea. The result is completely stunning and low maintenance. Read More

5 Ways to Use Artificial Outdoor Plants in Your Landscape

Artificial outdoor plants are a beautiful and low maintenance way to enhance any landscape. Today, we are going to show you five great ideas for how to use artificial outdoor plants in your landscape. We are going to start in the back yard and then transition to the front yard to finish off with our Read More

Planting Artificial Outdoor Plants

I recently transformed a dull, drab front flower bed into a beautiful bed bursting with color. We did nearly all of it with the many artificial outdoor plants in our line. The only plants in this flowerbed that are natural are the ones bordering the walkway. Over the next few weeks we are going to Read More

Seasonal Closeout Artificial Plants and Outdoor Furniture

Today is the final day of summer. Such a wonderful but busy summer it has been. The changing of a season is a great opportunity to do some seasonal shopping. Every time the seasons change, decor items from that season go on sale. This is the time that I like to stock up for next Read More

Using Artificial Outdoor Plants to Landscape a Rental Property

Vacation homes and rental properties have their own set of challenges when it comes to landscaping. If you are renting out a second home as a source of income, it is important that the property is properly maintained so that it meets the expectations of the renters. Unfortunately, chances are that you are not close Read More

How to Layout Artificial Plants for Your Flower Bed

One of the most challenging parts of any landscape can be the layout. When you are faced with a blank slate, it can seem daunting to decide what to fill it with. Today, I hope to help take some of the guess work out of the layout process by giving you some tips  and tricks Read More