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The Ultimate Guide To Artificial Flower Arrangements

Everybody loves to see a vase of beautiful, colorful flowers – but even the most stunning, high-quality display is only ever temporary. Create floral displays that last forever with gorgeous and realistic silk flowers.  Artificial flower arrangements look as good as the real thing, without having to be replaced every few days when the blooms Read More

Succulents Galore! Decorating with Artificial Succulent Plants

Succulents are water storage plants that usually have thick, fleshy leaves that retain water. Because they require little moisture, they thrive in dry climates. Leaf colors range from pale green to deep red making them a dramatic addition to any decor. Whether decorating with real succulents or artificial ones, there is a perfect choice for Read More

The Best Flowers to Use For Your Spring Floral Arrangement

With only about six weeks until the start of spring, it is time to start thinking about changing your floral decorations. Replace your mum and evergreen arrangements with light, airy spring blossoms. Brighten your home with beautiful flowers and blooming branches that remind us of spring. Today, we share the best flowers to use for Read More

DIY Herb & Artificial Azalea Planter

If you have always wanted to grow fresh herbs but you don’t necessarily like the way they look in a planter by themselves, today’s DIY project will be just what you are looking for. In a brand new YouTube video, we walk you through the process of combining fresh herbs and artificial outdoor plants together Read More

Spring Colors We Love: Yellow

Celebrate the stat of spring by bringing some fresh, bright hues into your landscape and home decor. When the weather warms up and everything starts to bloom, yellow is a hue that will brighten up your home both inside and outside. Since it is one of our favorite spring colors, we have pulled together some Read More

3 Reasons to Landscape with Artificial Outdoor Plants

Every home requires some level of landscaping. Although beautiful, this landscaping is often very difficult and time-consuming to maintain. If you simply don’t have the time to devote to your flower beds, window boxes, and plants, artificial outdoor plants make a phenomenal alternative. The idea of using artificial plants to landscape your home may not Read More

5 Ways to Decorate a Wedding Arbor

The spring wedding season is on our doorstep. As temperatures start to rise, so do the frequency of outdoor weddings. Whether you are getting married on the beach, in a garden or in a field, a wedding arbor can be a great way to set the stage for your big day. These large wooden arbors Read More

Using Artificial Palms to Decorate a Bedroom

Houseplants are commonly used to bring the outdoors into transitional spaces such as foyers, sunrooms and living rooms but they aren’t always a first thought for other rooms in your home. If you have a space in your home that feels as though it is missing a layer of color, texture, or life, consider using Read More

Five Fabulous Artificial Ferns

Ferns are one of the most popular plants to be used both inside and outside the home. Their rich green color and wonderful texture make them a visually appealing addition to any home or landscape. If you have always wanted to add more ferns in and around your home, today is your lucky day.  We Read More

Crazy for Cacti: Beautiful Artificial Cactus Arrangements

Southwestern desert style is identified by the presence of a ton of cacti. Show your love for this region, whether you live there or not, with our beautiful artificial cactus arrangements. From small and simple to large and eye-catching, we offer a wide assortment of artificial cacti for you to choose from. Let’s show you Read More