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Rattan, Bamboo, Fiberglass & Plastic Planters

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Brown Bamboo & Rope Basket: Multiple Sizes Available
11 inch Fern Rattan Planters: Fits 8 inch pots - OVERSTOCK
Lacquered Coiled Rope Square Planter
7 inch Brushed Gold Plastic Planter: Fits 6.5 inch Pots - OVERSTOCK
12 inch Bamboo Basket: Fits 10 inch Pots - OVERSTOCK
19H x 16W inch Brushed Silver Fiberglass Planter: 14.25 inch Inside Dia.
14H x 14.5W inch Silver Fiberglass Square Planter: 12.75 inch Inside Dia.
Bamboo Decorative Planter
Wood and Weave Panel Decorative Planters (Set of 2: Multiple Sizes)
14 inch Brown/Gold Fiberglass Leather Finish Square Pot
10 inch Tall Brushed Silver Planter: 6.5 inch Opening
14.5 inch Rattan Basket: Fits 10 inch pots - CLOSEOUT
Decorative Wood Planters (Set of 2: Multiple Sizes)
16H x 18W inch Matte Charcoal Fiberglass Planter: 18 inch Inside Dia.
26.5Hx14Wx12D inch Farmhouse Decorative Stand
14H x 17.5W inch Black/Rust Iron Fiberglass Planter: 15 inch Inside Dia.
37 inch Gloss Black Fiberglass Square Planter: 20 inch Inside Dia.
18 inch Glossy Copper Fiberglass Square Planter: 16.25 inch Inside Dia.
Design and Weave Panel Decorative Planters (Set of 2: Multiple Sizes)
Design and Weave Urn

Magnolia Cast Limestone Urn

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17.75H x 21.25W Black/Rust Iron Fiberglass Planter: 19.5 inch Inside Dia.
12.5 inch Square Weathered Bronze Fiberglass Riveted Planter: 10 inch Inside Dia.
16 inch Metallic Gold/Brown Fiberglass Planter: 11.5 inch Inside Diameter
Bamboo Square Decorative Planters (Set of 4: Multiple Sizes)
13.5H inch Brushed Silver Fiberglass Bowl: 16 inch Inside Dia.
30.5H x 16W inch Gloss Black Fiberglass Planter
22.25H x 24W inch Gloss Black Fiberglass Planter: 21.5 inch Inside Dia.
11 inch Gloss Black Fiberglass Fishbowl: 12 inch Inside Dia.
17.75 inch Red/Black Fiberglass Fishbowl: 19.5 inch Inside Dia.
35.5 inch Gloss Black Fiberglass Rectangle Planter
24 inch Brown/Black Fiberglass Tall Vase: 11 inch Inside Dia.
Displaying 1 - 32 of 99 items