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Artificial Porch Plants You Are Sure to Love

Your front porch is one of the first things your guests will notice and acts as a major source of your curb appeal. Make sure that your front porch sets the tone for the rest of your home by decorating it with beautiful plants. When tending to the garden is not your favorite activity, artificial outdoor plants offer the ideal solution. Today we have narrowed our extensive collection of porch plants down to 5 of our favorites.

How to Use Porch Plants

Porch plants can be used to add greenery to a far corner of a porch, flank a doorway with a pair of them, or create a line of them up the stairs leading to your home. Whether you have a narrow walkway or a large, wrap-around porch, we have plants that are perfect for to decorate the outside of your home with. Because all of these plants are artificial, you do not have to worry about the amount of sunlight they receive, constant trimming, or watering.

5 Beautiful Artificial Porch Plants

Bring some color, texture, and beauty to the front of your home by mixing and matching some of our favorite artificial porch plants. Each of these plants would make a beautiful addition to a home entryway. Pick just one and use it in multiple or mix and match your favorites for a gathered-over-time look. If you don’t find exactly what you have been looking for on this list, check out all of the artificial outdoor plants, trees, and palms in our collection.

11-Inch Mixed Plastic Mini Daisies

1. 11-Inch Mixed Plastic Mini Daisies

Small porches are plenty big enough to display this floral porch
plant. Standing just under a foot tall, this plant can be placed on
a step, on top of a pillar, or even on top of a side table between a
pair of rocking chairs.

This plant can be used alone but it looks fabulous in multiples as
well. These artificial plants come in the decorative planter shown.
Just unpack them, place them where you want them, and enjoy
their everlasting beauty for years to come.

18-inch Outdoor Leather Fern

2. 18-Inch Outdoor Leather Fern (Set of 2)

Bring the eye up by hanging a pair of hanging plants from your
entryway or porch. This textural fern comes in a set of two.
Separate them on either side of a walkway for a symmetrical look
or use them together on one side for a bit of added visual interest.

Using hanging plants is a great way to add visual height to a space.
If you don’t have an overhang, try using a garden hook to support
them instead.

17-Inch Outdoor Potted Grass in Decorative Urn

3. 17-Inch Outdoor Potted Grass in Decorative Urn

Add traditional elegance to your outdoor space with a pair of these
grass balls. Like the daisies, these grass orbs come in the
decorative urn pictured.

One of our favorite things about this selection is that it combines
traditional and contemporary so well. The traditional grecian
urns are offset with a very trendy grass ball sitting on top.

22-Inch Artificial Outdoor Liriope Tree

4. 22-Inch Artificial Liriope Tree

Accentuate your favorite pots or urns by placing one of these
Liriope trees inside of it. These trees come in a basic paper mache
pot that can easily be placed inside the decorative vessel of your

This tree stands just under 2 feet tall, not counting the height of
the planter that you place it in. The variation of green leaves and
beautiful foliage give this artificial porch plant an incredibly
realistic look that will enhance your entryway.

64-Inch Artificial River Grass in Planter

5. 64-Inch Artificial River Grass in Planter

If you have a contemporary home, decorate it with plants that are
contemporary as well. This river grass arrangement comes ready-
to-go in this decorative planter. Standing 64 inches tall, this grass
acts as a true focal point for the front of your home.

The individual leaves are various shades of green, providing the
arrangement with a look that is so realistic, you won’t be able to
help but reach out and touch it.

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