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How To Decorate a Rooftop Deck

We often talk about decorating yards around a home but what if you live in a more urban setting? Rooftop decks are a hot commodity for city living but they can be hard, monochromatic, and unwelcoming. Today we are going to walk you through how to take a concrete rooftop deck and turn it into Read More

5 Artificial Border Plants to Line Your Walkway

Lining a walkway with beautiful border plants can give your home a beautiful, manicured look and instantly enhance your curb appeal. Unfortunately, using real plants in this way can also mean constant trimming, sweeping, and watering. Get the look you love without all of the additional work by using any of these 5 artificial border plants Read More

A Close-Up Look at Artificial Outdoor Plants

Have you always wondered what our artificial outdoor plants look like close up? Today, we are sharing a great YouTube video that shows you four of our artificial outdoor plants and the features that make them such a great choice for any landscaping project. These are some of our favorite features but feel free to Read More

Featured: Artificial Plants Decorating a Walkway

We love when we have the opportunity to see our artificial plants in use. Today, we would like to share with you how a Florida resident and valued customer of ours completely transformed the walkway to her front door using a combination of artificial bromeliads and bougainvillea. The result is completely stunning and low maintenance. Read More

5 Things Every Backyard Should Have

You can have a backyard that looks like it stepped out of the pages of your favorite home decorating magazine. It is just a matter of knowing the 5 things that every backyard should have. Add each of these key elements and you will have an all-season oasis that the whole family will love. 1. Plenty Read More

5 Ways to Use Artificial Outdoor Plants in Your Landscape

Artificial outdoor plants are a beautiful and low maintenance way to enhance any landscape. Today, we are going to show you five great ideas for how to use artificial outdoor plants in your landscape. We are going to start in the back yard and then transition to the front yard to finish off with our Read More

Top 5 Video Tutorials of 2014

This week we counted down our Top 5 Video Tutorials of 2014! We had a great year filled with fun DIY project ideas that people of all skill levels can master. Let’s recap that complete list for you and show you why each of them made our countdown. Watch them all or pick and choose Read More

Using Artificial Outdoor Plants in Your Yard

We carry an extensive line of outdoor artificial plants that have been specifically designed to hold up to the elements while maintaining a very natural look. It is one thing to see all of those products on our website but seeing them in use can be even more inspiring. That is why we are so Read More

Planting Artificial Outdoor Plants

I recently transformed a dull, drab front flower bed into a beautiful bed bursting with color. We did nearly all of it with the many artificial outdoor plants in our line. The only plants in this flowerbed that are natural are the ones bordering the walkway. Over the next few weeks we are going to Read More