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Using Artificial Outdoor Plants in Your Yard

We carry an extensive line of outdoor artificial plants that have been specifically designed to hold up to the elements while maintaining a very natural look. It is one thing to see all of those products on our website but seeing them in use can be even more inspiring. That is why we are so excited to share with you pictures that one of our California-based customers sent to us of their finished landscape using an assortment of our beautiful outdoor plants.

Backyard 1

Why to Use Artificial Outdoor Plants

Everyone has their own reason for making the switch to faux outdoor plants. Sometimes it makes sense because of regional climate changes, other times it is because you just struggle to keep real plants alive. Here are some of our top reasons for using artificial plants outdoors.

  • To Feature a Type of Plant that Does Not Thrive in Your Climate
  • You Live in a High Drought Area
  • You Are Landscaping a Rental Property or Second Home
  • The Landscaping Areas are Hard to Access
  • You Have a Business Landscape that Needs to be Low Maintenance
  • You Simply Want All-Year Beauty

Backyard 3

The Story Behind These Pictures

This particular client lives in Southern California, where water is at a premium and droughts are frequent. This combinations makes outdoor landscaping a huge challenge. Even people with a green thumb struggle to keep their yard looking photo-ready during those hot summer months. As a solution, they ordered a combination of Japanese maple, barberry, boxwood, Savannah grass, field grass, and azalea plants and planted them throughout their yard.

Backyard 2

Once they placed the sturdy stems of these plants into the dirt, they then filled in the spaces between the plants with beautiful landscaping rocks. While all three of these pictures are absolutely stunning, our personal favorite is the artificial Japanese Maple tree. You would never know that those bright red leaves are completely synthetic.

What do you think of these artificial outdoor plants in action?

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