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Using Artificial Outdoor Plants to Landscape a Rental Property

Vacation homes and rental properties have their own set of challenges when it comes to landscaping. If you are renting out a second home as a source of income, it is important that the property is properly maintained so that it meets the expectations of the renters. Unfortunately, chances are that you are not close Read More

How to Layout Artificial Plants for Your Flower Bed

One of the most challenging parts of any landscape can be the layout. When you are faced with a blank slate, it can seem daunting to decide what to fill it with. Today, I hope to help take some of the guess work out of the layout process by giving you some tips  and tricks Read More

How to Prep Your Flower Bed for Artificial Outdoor Plants

If you have decided to make the switch to artificial outdoor plants, congratulations. You will not be sorry. One summer of not having to trim back, weed, and water like crazy and you will be so glad that you made this major change to your landscape. I personally just made the switch myself and I Read More

Container Planting with Real and Artificial Outdoor Plants

Don’t limit your container planting to the indoors or to outdoor tables. Planters of all shapes and sizes can add visual interest to any garden design. This homeowner is an avid gardener that has demonstrated how to create different groupings of plants that are both planted in the ground and in planters and pots. Let’s Read More

Concealing Air Conditioners with Artificial Outdoor Plants

We work so hard to enhance the curb appeal of our homes but it is inevitable that either your front yard or your side yard is going to feature a large, metal, unsightly air conditioning unit. Many homeowners also place their trash bins next to their air conditioning units. I have a great way to Read More

Enhance Curb Appeal with Natural and Artificial Outdoor Plants

With our theme of “Love” continuing this week, I wanted to list all the things that I loved about the front of this home. This is most definitely the most eye-catching home on the block in one South Florida neighborhood and when we take a closer look at their decorations and landscaping, it is easy Read More

5 Landscape Design and Gardening Apps You Will Love

If you are anything like me, you rely on your smart phone for nearly everything, from the Internet to staying organized and especially for driving directions. In the digital world that we live in there are an abundance of helpful apps that can help you turn your front or back yard into a landscape worthy Read More

Using Artificial Outdoor Flowers in Your Landscape Design

The winter may be a time of fun holidays and family togetherness but it is also a time when harsh weather conditions wreak havoc on your outdoor plants. If the spring seems far away and you are interested in enjoying beautiful outdoor landscapes now, consider using artificial flowers in your garden design. Artificial outdoor flowers Read More