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Top 5 Video Tutorials of 2014

This week we counted down our Top 5 Video Tutorials of 2014! We had a great year filled with fun DIY project ideas that people of all skill levels can master. Let’s recap that complete list for you and show you why each of them made our countdown. Watch them all or pick and choose the video tutorials that interest you. Be sure to tell us which ones are your favorite and subscribe to our youtube channel for more great tutorials every month.

Video #5: How to Make a Wire Edged Ribbon Bow

Wire edged ribbon bows are a staple decoration for plants, packages, wreaths, and so much more. This video shows you how to stop overpaying for these decorative bows by learning how to make them yourself. Once you see how easy it is you will never go back to buying pre-made bows again. Take any wire edged ribbon and turn it into a seasonal decoration with a variety of uses.

Video #4: How to Recover a Chair Seat

How many times have you passed by a vintage dining room set simply because you didn’t like the seat cushion color? Now you can have dining room chairs that coordinate perfectly with your decor. This step-by-step video tutorial takes you through the process of removing old seat fabric and replacing it with the fabric of your choice. It is easier than you think.

Video #3: DIY Lighted Topiary

This entire project was inspired by these battery operated twinkle lights. They are small, beautiful, and the ideal thing to wrap around a moss ball. This DIY lighted topiary is not only easy to make, it is also a very inexpensive project to complete. Check out how beautiful it is for yourself. You will want to make them for every room of your home.

Video #2: How to Make a Printer’s Tray Side Table

Show off your love for antiques by turning a pair of old printer’s trays into a set of gorgeous end tables. That is exactly what we did in this video tutorial. You do not have to be a contractor to take on this project. You just have to own a drill, a screwdriver, and an “I can do that” attitude. We used our printer’s tray side tables as nightstand and love how they give us an opportunity to show off our family heirlooms and trinkets.

Video #1: DIY Artificial Azalea Hanging Basket

Our best video of the year is clearly how to make a DIY artificial azalea hanging basket. This video really showcases how beautiful and realistic looking our artificial outdoor plants really are. We take a pair of artificial azalea bushes and a pair of artificial azalea hanging plants and transform them into a hanging basket that is a real show-stopper.


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