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Home Decor Through The Decades: The 2000s

Over the past three weeks, we have gone back in time to take a look at home decor through the decades. Today, we make the final stop on our month-long journey as we talk about the major home decorating trends of the 2000s. During this decade, homes became more personalized. An economic downturn resulted in Read More

Home Decor Through The Decades Part 3: The 90s

Put away the hair crimper and get out your plaid button-up and high-waisted jeans because today, we enter the 90s. Get ready to take a look at the third stop on our journey through the decades. No longer will you see frilly floral draperies and soft pastel colors. The 1990s saw a new focus on home Read More

Home Decor Through The Decades Part 2: The 80s

It was the 80s. Girls were wearing “Blossom” hats and sideways ponytails and baby boomers were having babies of their own. Things were changing and the masculine furniture that was popular in the 70s had given way to a softer, prettier, more pastel trends. Today, we embark on the second part of our journey of Read More

10 Home Decor Essentials for Every Home

Reinforcing a design theme and showing off your personal style is done through the use of carefully chosen home decor items. While the category of home decor may seem broad, every home needs 10 essential items to seem complete. These 10 home decor items are easily changed out season after season, year after year, to Read More

A Garden and Home Décor with School Spirit

College graduations are upon us and many recent graduates are making that exciting, yet terrifying transition to adulthood. Just because you are graduating doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to the past four years of your life. You can have a grown-up space and show your school spirit at the same time. Outside Read More

How to Shape Your Artificial Tree

If you’ve ever ordered an artificial plant or tree, you know they don’t look exactly like they did in the pictures at the time you ordered them. That’s because artificial plants and trees almost always require some shaping before they’re ready for display. If you receive your tree or plant and it’s compacted in a Read More