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10 Home Decor Essentials for Every Home

Reinforcing a design theme and showing off your personal style is done through the use of carefully chosen home decor items. While the category of home decor may seem broad, every home needs 10 essential items to seem complete. These 10 home decor items are easily changed out season after season, year after year, to stay in keeping with trends.

1. Wall Art

Without wall art your walls will just seem like large expanses of space. Wall decor doesn’t have to be limited to paintings, wreaths, mirrors, branches, and anything else that hangs on a wall can be included in this category as well.

2. Plants

House plants add some much-needed greenery and life to a room. They are great for any room of the home but are especially important in transitional spaces.

3. Lamps

General lighting and task lighting are essential to the usefulness of a room. A tilting lamp above a writing desk, table lamp on a night stand, or floor lamp behind a couch are not only a great addition to your home, they are also a way to show off your style.

4. Vases

Whether they are filled or displayed empty, vases are a must-have. You will always need them to house arrangements you bring home from the grocery store and they are a wonderful way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral area. I love displaying them on shelves and bookcases.

5. Baskets

I would never be able to stay organized without a huge assortment of baskets at my disposal. They can be used for everything from shoes to extra blankets and throws. I place large ones on the floor filled with pillows, small ones on the shelf to house remotes, and even some in the kids’ rooms for those mass quantities of stuffed animals.

6. Trinkets

These are something that we tend to collect over a number of years. Statues, boxes, orbs, decorative bowls, and all of those little items that document the journey that you have traveled.

7. Accent Furniture

We tend to play it safe with our large furniture items. Sofas, beds, and dining room sets stay with us for years but it is the smaller pieces of accent furniture where we get to have a bit more fun. Use these smaller, less expensive items as a chance to get a little bit more daring.

8. Blankets

As the fall and winter descend upon us, blankets become an essential element for every room of the home. I have them draped over the back of the couch, the foot of the bed, and even my desk chair.

9. Framed Pictures

Having your loved ones displayed throughout your home is a great way to document your life together and keep family close, even when you are separated by miles. A walk down my hallway will take you from the time my kiddos were newborns right up through our latest family portrait.

10. Throw Pillows

Beds, couches, and chairs all have one thing in common — plush throw pillows make them infinitely more comfortable. Just think of them as a blank canvas ready to display a bold print of colorful stripe.

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