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Reflect Your Personal Style with Accent Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the most popular home accents. Not only are they beautiful to look at, but they also bounce light around the room, making your whole home seem brighter and happier. Instead of choosing boarding, everyday mirrors, opt for something that is just packed with style. Each of the accent mirrors we are going to talk about today are statement pieces that command attention and enhance home design. Reflect your personal style with mirrors.

Zuo Abstract Mirror

Zuo Era Floor Mirror Ren-Wil Westrow Swivel Mirror Diamond Sofa Floor Mirro

Floor Mirrors

Full-length floor mirrors are a must have for bedrooms and bathrooms. Make sure that before you walk out the door every morning, you check out your outfit in one of these stunning mirrors. From wood framed mirrors to simple swivels, floor mirrors are a must-have.

Ren-Wil Ambrosi Circular Mirror Zuo Pure Facet Mirror Zuo Pure Inca Mirror

Circular Mirrors

Round mirrors are perhaps one of the most versatile shapes you can purchase. The cornerless shape helps to break up the harsh lines of furniture and looks great mounted above foyer tables, entertainment centers, sofas, and dining room buffets.

Zuo Pure Reflect Mirror Zuo Pure Traction Mirror Zup Pure Glacier Mirror

Abstract Mirrors

When looking at your own reflection is not a priority, abstract mirrors are a great home decor choice. These designs meld many different mirrors together to create abstract pieces of art. It is so interesting to see how light bounces off the different angles and facets.

Ren-Wil Chrysopal Mirror Ren-Wil Edessa Rectangular Mirror Zuo Pure Tesser Mirror

Rectangular Mirrors

These are a must-have for any home. They can be used above bathroom vanities, dining room buffets, and virtually anywhere else in your home. Just because they are a standard shape doesn’t mean that have to lack style. Our collection of rectangular mirrors are truly amazing. Just see for yourself how gorgeous rectangular mirrors can be.

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