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How to Prep Your Home for a Vacation

The summer is a great time to get away for a family vacation but before you head off, there are some things you should do to prep your home for vacation. These things will have your home looking great while you are gone and add some important safety measures as well. All of these simple Read More

How to Fluff and Shape an Artificial Tree

Have you always wondered how to properly fluff and shape an artificial tree? Our latest YouTube video takes you from the initial unpacking of the tree straight through the fluffing and shaping process. In just a few minutes you will see how easy it is to shape the leaves and branches in a way that looks Read More

Modern Topiaries & Hedges

Do you have a recently built home with modern lines? If so, why decorate the outside of it with traditional furniture and plants? Reflect the contemporary style of your home with modern topiaries and hedges that will instantly enhance your curb appeal. Artificial Hedges Artificial hedges are unbelievably versatile additions to the front of a Read More

On Trend: Decorating with Olive Trees and Branches

One of the latest trends in landscaping and interior decorating is the use of olive trees and branches. This beautiful source of greenery is native to Europe and the Mediterranean but artificial versions make it possible to enjoy olive trees no matter where you live. The spring and Easter season is a great time to Read More

DIY Olive Branch Wedding Decor

Olive branches and trees hold a very special place in weddings because they symbolize abundance, glory, peace, purity, and fertility. For hundreds of years that have been used to create lovely decorations. Lately, the trend for olive branch wedding decor has returned and the results are simply stunning. These beautiful stems of greenery can go Read More

Artificial Tree and a Butterfly

A couple of days ago we showed you a beautiful green chrysalis that had formed in the artificial tree of one of our clients. Today we have an update on that fun story. That caterpillar has continued his transformation and we have an updated picture of his chrysalis. It is so rare to get such Read More

Caterpillar Chrysalis on an Artificial Tree

One of our most common questions is whether or not our artificial plants and trees look real or whether they are obviously fake. They do, indeed, look very real. So real, in fact, that sometimes even insects can’t tell the difference. This story will demonstrate just what we mean. During a recent expedition into the Read More

Artificial Plants & Trees To Beautify Your Home

Leading such busy lives can mean that we don’t have the time to do simple things like take care of our plants or tend to our flowers quite as much as we’d like to. If you’ve found yourself in this position, why not consider beautifying your home by investing in artificial plants and trees? Let’s Read More

A Little Blurb About Bonsai

Bonsai trees are a very popular among our customers, especially those shopping for gifts. These pint-sized trees captivate people with they’re almost mythical quality. Something about these trees is just a little mysterious. We want to uncover some of the mystery for you by sharing information on the art of Bonsai today. The practice has Read More

How to Shape Your Artificial Tree

If you’ve ever ordered an artificial plant or tree, you know they don’t look exactly like they did in the pictures at the time you ordered them. That’s because artificial plants and trees almost always require some shaping before they’re ready for display. If you receive your tree or plant and it’s compacted in a Read More