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10 Tips for Decorating a Rental Property

Turning an second home into an income-generating rental property not only provides you with a great place to vacation, but it also provides a second stream of income, often large enough to offset your entire year of costs. Decorating these properties can be a tricky undertaking but we are going to make it a little Read More

DIY Artificial Flower Urn Arrangements: 1 Urn 3 Looks

Get ready for another fun, easy DIY project because today we are going to show you how to make three beautiful artificial flower urn arrangements using one easy technique. A beautifully arranged urn can be used in many different ways to add texture, color, and warmth into a space. Unfortunately, arrangements using real flowers can Read More

How To Design The Perfect Back Yard Part 3: Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

Over the past two weeks we have been talking about how to design the perfect back yard. From coming up with the initial plan for your space to choosing just how to decorate it, we have already covered a lot of ground in our first two blogs of the series. Today, we lighten things up Read More

How To Design The Perfect Back Yard Part 2: Outdoor Decorating Ideas

Last week, we talked about setting the stage for your new outdoor room by determining what type of outdoor living space you would like to have, planning a location, and installing the flooring and hardscaping required to support the space. Today, we move on to part two of our how to design the perfect back Read More

How to Design the Perfect Back Yard Part 1: Outdoor Living Ideas

There was once a time when an outdoor living space consisted of a porch or patio decorated with a couple of rocking chairs and a standing grill. In recent years, the term ‘outdoor living’ has taken on a whole new meaning and outdoor rooms have become every bit as impressive as their indoor counterparts. Although Read More

The Top 8 Ways Property Managers Can Save Money (Infographic)

Saving money on utilities is always on the mind of every property manager. Here are the top 8 ways you save money every month on energy costs.

Home Decor Through The Decades: The 2000s

Over the past three weeks, we have gone back in time to take a look at home decor through the decades. Today, we make the final stop on our month-long journey as we talk about the major home decorating trends of the 2000s. During this decade, homes became more personalized. An economic downturn resulted in Read More

Home Decor Through The Decades Part 3: The 90s

Put away the hair crimper and get out your plaid button-up and high-waisted jeans because today, we enter the 90s. Get ready to take a look at the third stop on our journey through the decades. No longer will you see frilly floral draperies and soft pastel colors. The 1990s saw a new focus on home Read More

Home Decor Through The Decades Part 2: The 80s

It was the 80s. Girls were wearing “Blossom” hats and sideways ponytails and baby boomers were having babies of their own. Things were changing and the masculine furniture that was popular in the 70s had given way to a softer, prettier, more pastel trends. Today, we embark on the second part of our journey of Read More

Home Decor Through the Decades Part 1: The 70s

It was the 1970s. Baby boomers were designing their homes to be anything but like their parents’ 1950s-inspired abodes. They were a new generation—the hippie generation boasting anti-establishment views and a desire to get back to nature. These views inspired author Tom Wolfe to refer to the 1970s as the “Me Decade.” Today, we embark Read More