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Update Your Artificial Plants

Do you have old artificial plants in your home that just aren’t looking quite like they did when you first purchased them? Before you go ahead and replace all of them, consider taking these steps to breathe new life into older plants.

Artificial Orange Tree

Artificial Orange Tree

Clean Them Up
One of the main things that can make an old artificial plant look dingy is having a thick layer of dust on it. A couple times a year take the time to clean your artificial plants. You can use a damp cloth or a store-bought cleaner that is designed for artificial plants specifically.

Replace the Planter
In many cases, the planter starts to look shabby long before the plant that is housed in it. The planter gets bumped by your vacuum cleaner, run into by children, and rubbed up against by pets. Sometimes, old planters just feel dated and out of style. Make your old plant look brand new again by throwing away your old planter and replacing it with a brand new one.

Add River Rocks
A fresh layer of shiny river rocks is a great addition to any artificial tree. They cover up the base of the plant, making them look even more realistic than they already do. Cedar chips and natural stones can also help you achieve the same result.

Give it a New Location
In some cases, moving a plant from one room to another is all that is needed to get an updated look. Rotate a living room plant into a bedroom and rearrange the furniture to accommodate for the change.

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