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Decorating a Rooftop Terrace with Outdoor Artificial Plants

Rooftop terraces offer superior views of the landscape around you but they can also be brutal to natural plants because they provide little to no shade and can be a very hot location. Instead of constantly fighting to keep natural plants alive, try replacing them with artificial ones that have been specifically designed for outdoor use. Here are 5 ways that outdoor artificial plants can help to soften your rooftop deck.

Boxwood Hedge

Boxwood Hedge

Artificial Grass
If your rooftop area is a large expanse of concrete, break it up by laying down some artificial turf. It will make it look more like a yard area and is a great choice if you have young children at home because it gives them a soft place to play. You can choose to cover your entire deck or you can pick one area and use the turf more like an area rug.

Artificial Hedges
While you don’t want to block your view, you may be interested in hiding some unsightly necessities, such as air conditioners and railings. Artificial hedges look like the real thing but they don’t require any trimming or maintenance.

Large Planters
Fill empty corners or help to delineate between two spaces with the help of beautiful planters filled with artificial flowers. You can plant just one type or mix and match as you would for companion planting, without worrying about whether one plant will harm the other. Try something tall in the center of the planter and something low and colorful around the outside. You could even place a tall tree in the center and surround it with artificial azaleas or grass sprays.

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