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Decorating a Dorm Room

Are you getting ready to send your son or daughter off to college? With the start of school just days away, parents nationwide are making a mad dash to the stores to get everything their kids need for decorating a dorm. When you arrive at the college, chances are you will have a standard white box of a room. Cinderblock walls may seem practical but they can be cold and very boring. Help turn those durable and functional dorm rooms into a home for your children with these helpful hints.

Artificial Succulents in Round Pot

Artificial Succulents in Round Pot

Add Cushion and Comfort
Before you can even think about sheets and comforters, get to the root of the problem and beef up that thin, standard mattress all students have to tolerate. The best way to do this is by adding a nice, memory foam mattress topper. On top of that you can add a plush mattress cover, sheets, comforters, and pillows. If you decide to go the bed-in-a-bag route, invest in a second set of sheets. This will help encourage your new bound college student to change their sheets, even if they aren’t headed to the laundry room that day.

Add a Study Spot
A standard wood desk comes with nearly every dorm room. Make that small but necessary space a perfect place to study by making sure that your student has all the supplies he or she needs. A laptop, printer, stapler, paper clips, binders, printer paper, pens, highlighters, notebooks, and folders are all absolute essentials for starting the school year. To clear up valuable desk space, opt for a wireless printer. The student can place it on top of a dresser or in their closet and keep their desk free for books and notes. An iPhone docking station is a great addition to a desk because it allows your student to play music while they study and to keep their phone close at hand while it is charging.

Add Personality to Walls
If you have a dorm with those dreaded cinderblock walls, worry not, you can still decorate them as long as you bring along the right tools. Get a nice, strong double-sized adhesive strip that you can put on the back of cork boards, wipe-off boards, and frames. It will stick to the wall without the need for any nails or holes. If you aren’t allowed to paint, add some personality to your space with vinyl decals. You can purchase them in a variety of shapes and colors from your local big box store or you can make your own if you happen to have a die-cutting machine such as a Cricut or Cameo. An absolute must for any dorm room is a full-length mirror. They cost just a few dollars and can be placed on the back of doors using double sided adhesive tape.

Make it Feel Like Home
Sometimes it is the little touches that can make a dorm room really feel like home. Pictures of family members, a treasured quilt or blanket, and artificial plants just like the ones at home can all help make those first few weeks away from home seem a little bit easier. Since dorms are short on space, opt for artificial plants that are compact and out of the way. Succulents are on-trend, beautiful, and best of all, super tiny. Purchase them pre-potted or as stems and place them in a favorite vase or vessel.

With these helpful tips and tricks, you are sure to turn that blank white box into a place your student will be excited to call home for the next two semesters. Best of all, when the year is over everything can easily get packed back up and move along with them to their new place.

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