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Using Artificial Plants to Decorate a Play House

Kids love having a little place all their own, that is why it has become a right of passage to have a play house or a tree house. Instead of just placing them in the corner of your yard, give it a little home of it’s own by surrounding it with a mini garden.

16-Inch Outdoor Azalea

16-Inch Outdoor Azalea

Some artificial plants, extra mulch, and some big rocks are all you need to give your child a perfect little play home of their own. Purchase the artificial version of the same plants that appear in your front space or make it a tribute to your little girl by choosing artificial blooms in her favorite color. Artificial azaleas, boxwoods, and bromeliads are all made specifically for outdoor use. When you are done planting these synthetic stems, top the soil with some extra mulch from your garden and define the space with a line of large stones.

If you have a sky-high tree house you can still add this special touch. An artificial plant on a child-sized table, artificial plants on a tree house deck, or artificial plants in tree house window boxes will all add that soft touch to your existing structure.

If you want to take this project just one step farther, you can add a path of pavers that go from your porch or deck right up to the front door of their playhouse.

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