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Enhance Curb Appeal with Natural and Artificial Outdoor Plants

With our theme of “Love” continuing this week, I wanted to list all the things that I loved about the front of this home. This is most definitely the most eye-catching home on the block in one South Florida neighborhood and when we take a closer look at their decorations and landscaping, it is easy to see why.┬áNatural and artificial outdoor plants can be used together to create an eye-catching front landscape that will instantly add to your curb appeal.

Ultimate Curb Appeal

Ultimate Curb Appeal

1. The Oversized Wreath

The front door of this home features a large glass window in the center. As if that was not beautiful enough, the homeowner has gone and purchased an oversized wreath that frames out that window perfectly. This wreath is hung by a beautiful wreath hook. I love the simplicity of this design. There were no bows, artificial flowers, or greenery added to the simple twig wreath but the minimal design is what makes it so different.

2. The Multi-Level Water Feature

As I was walking past this house, it was the inviting trickling of the water from the fountain that drew my attention first. This beautiful fountain is a relaxing, appealing addition to any front or back yard. Not only does it add visual height to the front landscape but it also involves your sense of sound in the whole experience. Great landscapes involve as many of the senses as possible.

3. Native Plants

It just takes one look at the palm trees to know that you are in a subtropical climate. The use of native plants is a great idea for any region because not only are they naturally going to thrive in your climate, but they also pay homage to natural beauty of your local area.

4. Colorful Potted Plants

The eye thrives on seeing a lot of different colors and the potted plants flanking the sidewalk offer that visual interest. This is a great opportunity to mix some artificial outdoor plants in among your natural plants. Not only are they maintenance free, but because they are potted, they can be moved around easily to change up the look of your landscape.

5. Edging

My fifth favorite for this landscape is the use of edging around the two flower beds. The left side utilizes stacked stone while the right side introduces a wood edging. Both are appealing options but the way they are used in this yard makes them work wonderfully together. From a maintenance standpoint, this edging also acts as a containment method for all that bright red mulch that fills the beds. Without it, that mulch would be blowing onto the sidewalk, porch, and grass on windy days.

There are so many different things working in favor of this home that I could not possibly mention them all. Decide which features are your favorite and use them as inspiration when revamping your landscape this spring. Do you have a yard that competes with this one? If so, feel free to send us a picture and we will feature it in our blog.

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