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5 Landscape Design and Gardening Apps You Will Love

If you are anything like me, you rely on your smart phone for nearly everything, from the Internet to staying organized and especially for driving directions. In the digital world that we live in there are an abundance of helpful apps that can help you turn your front or back yard into a landscape worthy of a coveted “Yard of the Month” sign. Take the guess work out of planning your landscape with the help of these beautiful gardening apps.

Mixed Mini Daisies in Planter

Mixed Mini Daisies in Planter

See exactly what your finished garden will look like before you plant a single shrub with the help of iScape. This handy garden design app allows you to take a photo of your home and draw in both landscape design and hardscaping changes. What you are left with is a finished design that you can change and manipulate until you find the ideal look for your home. What easier way is there for you to enhance the curb appeal of your home?

Garden Tracker
If you are interested in planting a vegetable garden that will feed your culinary adventures, this is a great app for you. Garden Tracker allows you to design rectangular gardens. Simply arrange any of the 65 available plants into the garden and the app will tell you when to plant them, how much water they need, and the ideal soil temperature. Once you have your fruits and veggies planted, this app will tell you when the ideal harvest date will be.

Garden Designer
Build your dream garden from the ground up with the help of Garden Designer. Lay out the space that you want to dedicate to your garden and then move plants around on the provided grid. If you are designing around existing plants, you can even resize trees and shrubs to represent your more established plants.

Home Outside
Hardscape and landscape designs come together beautifully with the help of the Home Outside app. This handy application not only allows you to design gardens of varying shapes and sizes, but it also helps you to design your hardscape spaces. You can place shrubs, trees, and flowers as well as lounge furniture, water features, and pathways. It is a great way to test out different patio layout ideas before you invest in patio furniture and new plants.

Foolproof Plants for Small Gardens
If you are a beginning gardener or trying to figure out how to make the most of a small space, you have got to check out this app. This handy program not only lists a variety of plants that thrive in small gardens, but it also gives you tips about how to properly cultivate each of the plants.

Even though many of these apps is meant for the planting of natural plants, the same design and space planning features can be used if you plan on using a combination of natural and artificial outdoor plants. Try these apps for yourself and see which one becomes your favorite.

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