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Creating a Front Yard Play Space with Tree Swings

I recently went to south Florida to visit my parents and as I was walking through their neighborhood, I was shocked at how many different homes chose to create a play space for their children in the front yard instead of in the back yard. Creating a perfectly adorable place for your children to play in your front yard is easy when you start with an established tree and great tree swings.

Tree Swing

Tree Swing

Tree Swings
Tree swings come in many different styles and sizes. There are large rope seat swings, such as the one pictured here, traditional bench seat swings, tire swings, and even baby swings. When you are choosing the one that is ideal for your space, take into consideration the maximum weight limit for the swing, the age of the child, and the aesthetic of the swing itself. When it blends into your surroundings it is even more appealing to the eye. You may also have to order a hanging kit separately to attach the swing securely to a strong branch.

Basketball Hoops
A front yard basketball hoop seems to be a right of passage for every little boy. These hoops are available in both free standing and mountable styles, allowing you to decide where you would like to place it. A basketball hoop in the driveway is not only an invitation to get your kids outside and physically active, it is also a great opportunity for some parent/child bonding time. Discuss their day at school, relationships with friends, and upcoming tests and assignments over a game of HORSE and allow them to open up to you.

Play Houses
Pretend play is a great way to foster a young imagination. You can get playhouses that are free standing or go a bit more extreme by building a beautiful tree house in your favorite established tree. For an added touch, surround their playhouse with some small flower beds complete with artificial outdoor plants that they can pretend to take care of. This little space that is all their own is sure to become a favorite spot to spend a sunny afternoon.


Whether you have little ones in your house or just enjoy having the grandchildren over to visit, your front yard is sure to be a hit with these fun play spaces.

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