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Make Your Artificial Christmas Tree Look and Smell Real

Have you chosen an artificial tree because of the convenience but wish it smelled and looked more like the real thing? We have 5 easy tips for making your artificial Christmas tree look and smell like the real thing. When you are done, you will have an artificial tree that you will love even more Read More

How to Set Up an Artificial Christmas Tree

As soon as Thanksgiving is over we all set to work taking down our fall decor and switching it out for festive Christmas decorations. The Christmas Tree is absolutely the showpiece of your holiday decor. Today, we are going to focus completely on how to set-up an artificial Christmas tree. From the initial unboxing to Read More

Christmas Tree Stands You’ll Want to Own

It is so easy to get excited about purchasing beautiful holiday decorations, but what about the less beautiful but still very cool ones? Today we are going to showcase five of our favorite Christmas tree stands and tell you why they are so awesome that they will just have to make an appearance in your Read More

Not Your Typical Christmas Tree Stands

Artificial Christmas trees are supported by a basic metal tree stand, which can often be a dead giveaway that your tree is not real. You can hide the basic metal stand with a beautiful Christmas tree skirt or you could do something completely different and switch out one of those Christmas tree stands for one Read More

Christmas Decorations to Order Now

It seems as though we have no sooner cleaned up from our Thanksgiving dinner than we are flung into full-fledged holiday season. Black friday starts the beginning of the ultra-expensive shopping extravaganza and the next four weeks fly by in a frenzy of Christmas planning. Help regain control of that chaotic time by stocking up Read More

Noah’s Arc Christmas Tree

I love a great themed tree and perhaps my favorite is the one that my kids have been working on since they were born. Every year my father buys my twin girls a pair of animal ornaments. Together, they have accumulated ten pairs of animals and that look beautiful when combined on a noah’s arc Read More

How to Fluff an Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are extremely low maintenance and beautiful year after year. Make your artificial Christmas tree look just like the real thing when you take the time to assemble and fluff the tree properly. Typically, an artificial tree comes with a base and multiple sections of the tree itself. Start by setting up the Read More

Transforming Your Home with Seasonal Decorations

Do you flip through home décor magazines and wonder how people can afford to completely change-up their décor from one season to another without breaking the bank? There are some tips and tricks that will help you do just that. Ever since I was a little girl I can remember my grandmother redecorating both the Read More