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Noah’s Arc Christmas Tree

I love a great themed tree and perhaps my favorite is the one that my kids have been working on since they were born. Every year my father buys my twin girls a pair of animal ornaments. Together, they have accumulated ten pairs of animals and that look beautiful when combined on a noah’s arc tree.

Noah's Arc Christmas Tree

Noah’s Arc Christmas Tree

The great thing about starting while your kids are young is that you are able to slowly collect special ornaments over a number of years. You kids will know what to expect every year in their stocking because they will get used to receiving a special ornament.

Those first few years you won’t have enough of them to decorate a full-sized Christmas tree but you will quickly have enough to adorn a small artificial tree, such as the four-foot tree that I used here. As the collection continues to grow, you can upgrade it to your larger tree.

While I may favor the simple beauty of our Noah’s Arc Christmas tree, you can certainly collect ornaments in any theme that you like. Here are some additional ideas.

Christmas Tree Themes

  • Princess Christmas Tree
  • 12 Days of Christmas Mini Tree
  • Album Tree featuring Photo Ornaments
  • Alma Mater Tree
  • The Places We Have Traveled Tree
  • Snowflake Ornament Tree

Don’t limit yourself to the themes on this list. Feel free to get imaginative and come up with your own. When you do, comment on this blog and feel free to send in pictures of your decorated tree.

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