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Christmas Decorations to Order Now

It seems as though we have no sooner cleaned up from our Thanksgiving dinner than we are flung into full-fledged holiday season. Black friday starts the beginning of the ultra-expensive shopping extravaganza and the next four weeks fly by in a frenzy of Christmas planning. Help regain control of that chaotic time by stocking up on essential Christmas decorations now, before the frenzy begins. 9 Foot White Lights

Christmas Lights

Every year it seems as though there are at least one strand of lights that has non-working bulbs. Take inventory of all your christmas lights, check to see how many are in disrepair, and replace now so they are available to you as soon as you are ready to decorate. 7.5 Foot Kelso Pine Tree

Artificial Christmas Trees

Whether you are making the switch from a real tree to an artificial for the first time or simply ready to replace your existing artificial tree, this is the ideal time to order this essential piece of Christmas decor. There are so many different types of artificial trees available, from huge 15-foot trees suitable for corporate lobbies to tiny 3-foot trees that are perfectly sized for a foyer table. Assorted Ball Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments

The quickest way to completely change the look of your holiday decor is to change out your old ornaments for new ones in a trendy color scheme. If you already have a color scheme that you love, add to it with a couple new ornaments that will work with your existing ones. You can never have too many because the extras can always be hung from windows, added to a wreath, or attached to garlands. 30 Inch Austrian Pine Wreath

Wreaths & Garlands

You can never have too many wreaths and garlands. They can be used in virtually any room of the home and are some of the most versatile decorations you will ever invest in. Let your little ones pick out colorful versions to decorate their own rooms or playroom with and let them show off their individual personalities. 60 Inch Outdoor Christmas Bow

Outdoor Decorations

Make your home one of the best decorated homes on the block by going big on outdoor decorations. It would completely break the bank to order all your outdoor decorations in a single year but it is so much easier to add a key piece or two every year.


Years ago my grandmother gave me an exceptional piece of advice that I would like to share with you now. When the holidays are over and you are tearing down your Christmas decorations, take inventory of anything that you need for the following year. Throw away items that are no longer in good shape and make a shopping list of things you need for the following year. If you want to take it one step farther, go ahead and order them during the post Christmas sales so you have them for the following year.

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