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How to Fluff an Artificial Christmas Tree

Artificial Christmas trees are extremely low maintenance and beautiful year after year. Make your artificial Christmas tree look just like the real thing when you take the time to assemble and fluff the tree properly. Typically, an artificial tree comes with a base and multiple sections of the tree itself.

King Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

King Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

Start by setting up the base of the tree. The largest tree section will be the bottom one and should be inserted into the base. Each subsequent tree portion gets inserted into the last one and if it is a pre-lit tree, plugged into the power cord of the last section.

The artificial Christmas tree will come with the branches packed densely together. This helps them stay protected while they are being shipped and helps you assemble the tree without having them in the way. Once your tree has been put together, you can start spreading out those branches and manipulating them until you have a nice full tree.

Each branch should gently pull down into place. Once it has, the individual fronds on that branch can be moved around to fill the empty spaces. Start with the bottom row of branches and then gradually work your way up the tree until all the branches have been fluffed. Because there are wires in the center of each frond, it is easy to bend them and shape them  with your hands. Point some to the left, some to the right, and some straight up.

Once you have fluffed the entire tree it is ready to be accented with your favorite tree topper and decorations.

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