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Custom Floral Arrangements Article

Artificial Plants and Trees designs and creates an amazing array of custom silk flower arrangements every year. Every arrangement is designed and made here in the United States with exquisite perfection. We sell a wide variety of arrangements from timeless traditions of red and cream roses, accompanied by eucalyptus and birch, to the modern traditions Read More

A Perfect Vase for your Artificial Flower Arrangement is Half the Battle

Even the most stunning artificial flower arrangement doesn’t shine on its own. Once you have chosen yours, you have one more important decision: how to display it. Before you reach for the nearest vase, consider how shape and height help or hinder the overall appearance of your artificial flower arrangement. Fishbowl The fishbowl vase is Read More

Artificial Flowers-A Brief History

Artificial flowers are quite handy in modern day society. Most people don’t exactly favor them over the real thing, but they turn to them when the real thing is impractical. Examples are winter weddings, permanent floral displays, and crafts, to name just a few. Typically made of polyester and plastic materials, the bulk of the Read More

Fake Palms for Fabulous Decor

Fake palms are essential to building an invigorating climate inside the home. An immortal version of live tropical palms, fake palms offer you great convenience and, thanks to modern silk plant design technology, a realistic quality that is better than you’ve likely imagined. Displaying a palm tree in a dim corner is always a good Read More

Display Silk Ivy with Style

There is one thing I can say for certain about silk ivy: There are some marvelous ways to display it, and there are some not-so-great ways to display it. Silk ivy is beautiful, but unless you hang it properly, it could end up with about as much luster as a fabulous shirt worn inside out. Read More

LA Times Reports Savings on Artificial Christmas Trees Are Huge

If you’re searching for an artificial Christmas tree sale and struggle to find the kind of steep discounts you crave, you may be feeling frustrated—especially with Christmas right around the corner. That’s understandable, but don’t lose heart. Even if you don’t find an amazing artificial Christmas tree sale this season, there is still a clear Read More

A family-friendly Aralia Tree

It’s not hard to understand why so many people prefer the Aralia Tree as a houseplant. This exotic beauty native to Southeast Asia is an appealing home accent, but there is a lot more to this tree than meets the eye. Read on to learn about its healing properties, but also about how it can Read More

Artificial Ficus-A Safe Alternative

The Ficus Tree is one of the most popular decorative house plants, so if you’re in the market for one, you are certainly in good company. Though you may like the idea of owning a live ficus tree, don’t rule out opting for an artificial ficus before learning about the potentially-destructive growing habits of the Read More

Acheive Perfection with Artificial Poinsettias

Artificial poinsettias look gorgeous at Christmastime no matter what you do to them. But every good thing can be enhanced! We’ve compiled some creative, fresh ideas for ways to show off your artificial poinsettias at your holiday gatherings. These concepts are quick and easy, and you’ll have so much fun creating them! Cover the dining Read More

Say Yes to Artificial Yucca

Did you know Yucca trees are also known as “Ghosts in the Graveyard” in some parts of the United States? They grow abundantly in rural cemeteries in hot and dry regions, and since the sword-shaped greenery grows white flowers, the blooms look like ghostly apparitions floating in the darkness. Despite their chilling effect in the Read More