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Fake Palms for Fabulous Decor

Fake palms are essential to building an invigorating climate inside the home. An immortal version of live tropical palms, fake palms offer you great convenience and, thanks to modern silk plant design technology, a realistic quality that is better than you’ve likely imagined. Displaying a palm tree in a dim corner is always a good idea, but the methods of display do not end there.

Here is one neat trick to try with fake palms: Collect three palm fronds and frame them using large glass picture frames to create green wall art that will never fade. Of course, this works best on walls of neutral color. If you need help choosing frames, those meant for matting photographs are probably your best bet.

Another idea is to add palms to a tropical floral arrangement. The dramatic palm leaves are the perfect filler for beautiful, exotic blooms such as hibiscus and heliconia. It’s a look you don’t encounter often but one you will find yourself recreating again and again.

Make one room in your home an indoor arboretum of sorts by displaying fake palms of all kinds in it. The greater the variety, the better. Try species of staggered heights and assorted leaf shapes, like Areca palms, kentia palms, coconut palms, cypress palms, bamboo palms, and raphis palms. Make sure to throw in a few flowering plants, too, for a smattering of color.

Another easy idea is to use one or two palm fronds as a tabletop decoration in strategic locations throughout your home. Placing a couple of palms in a vase on an end table or shelf creates a striking but simple decorative accent that is cheap and easy!

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