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Acheive Perfection with Artificial Poinsettias

Artificial poinsettias look gorgeous at Christmastime no matter what you do to them. But every good thing can be enhanced! We’ve compiled some creative, fresh ideas for ways to show off your artificial poinsettias at your holiday gatherings. These concepts are quick and easy, and you’ll have so much fun creating them!

Cover the dining room table in bountiful artificial poinsettias. These naturally plentiful flowers give your tabletop a marvelously decadent vibe, especially when you use champagne flutes to contain them. Start with a large decorative glass urn in the center of the table, filled with artificial cranberries. Stuff artificial poinsettias into the cranberry fill, completely filling the circumference of the glass. Next, cut sprigs of artificial poinsettias from a larger plant, placing two to three blooms in standard-size champagne flutes at each setting. Wrap a dainty silver ribbon around the middle of the flute, and you’re done!

For a sophisticated, sultry look, wrap standard terra cotta pots in black fabric to create a brilliant contrast to red or white artificial poinsettias. Head to your local craft store to find ribbon or fabric in assorted rich textures. We recommend black satin, black sequin, or glittered black material. Working with pots of different sized will give your display great depth. Once you’ve covered all desired pots, fill them liberally with artificial poinsettias and display them on top of a foyer table, piano, or buffet.

Let your cheery artificial poinsettias be the first thing your guests encounter this holiday season by crafting your own poinsettia wreath for the front door. This is a very easy project. It will take hardly any time at all. Start with a standard outdoor wreath and a silk poinsettia plant. Cut poinsettia blooms from the plant, leaving enough stem to work with. Them, weave them into your wreath, adding a flower every three to four inches. Next, add red or gold bows for added decoration, and clear or white Christmas lights if you wish.

Nothing makes your guests feel more welcome than finding a creative favor waiting for them at the dinner table. Create the perfect treat using artificial poinsettias and edible goodies. Select a collection of shallow decorative glasses, and fill them with your choice of candied cranberries or white chocolate-covered almonds. To create a striking contrast, use silk poinsettias in the opposite color of your candy choice. Cut blooms from a larger plant and place two or three in each glass. Place one at each setting, and they’re ready to go. Please be advised that this favor should not be made with live poinsettia blooms as they can be toxic to humans and animals.

Don’t forget to place silk poinsettia plants in strategic locations throughout your home, too. This is one decoration that can’t be overdone at Christmastime!

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