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Fabulous Themes for Slim Christmas Trees

People working with small spaces usually opt for slim Christmas trees because of their limited circumference, but don’t overlook the styling potential hidden in these slender evergreens. Because of their striking tall and slender figure, slim Christmas trees have arguably greater impact than their fuller counterparts. If you’re opting for a slim tree this year, Read More

A bouquet of Silk Poinsettias

December is an unusual but beautiful month to have a wedding. Everyone is already full of holiday cheer, and your special day only adds to the feeling of joy in the air. But former winter brides know that the frigid temperatures are a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they have to worry Read More

Savvy Shoppers Search for an Artifical Christmas Trees Sale

Searching for a deal as you shop for a tree this Christmas season? Keep an eye out for an artificial Christmas trees sale, if you want the best bang for your buck. More and more people are leaving live trees behind for artificial Christmas trees, as advances in technology have allowed manufacturers to produce fake Read More

The Making of a Slim Christmas Tree

Slim trees are the Christmas tree of choice for city dwellers, country cottage owners, and really all people who love Christmas but have limited living space for decorating. These slim trees, sometimes called pencil trees, are sleek, elegant, and take up minimum floor space. People who don’t have lots of room don’t need to skip Read More

Flocked Christmas Trees-A Modern Tradition

You know those cool flocked Christmas trees you see displayed here and there each Christmas—the artificial trees you’ve been dying to try out? They still seem like a novelty to many Americans, but they’re now a living room tradition spanning more than 60 years in the United States. It seems flocked Christmas trees first became Read More

How to Effectively Clean Your Tabletop Artificial Plants

People buy silk plants for their homes because they are so easy to maintain. But that doesn’t mean you can put your fake plants in a corner and forget about cleaning them forever. Like every other knickknack or side table in your house, a powdery layer of dust will eventually settle on your faux greenery, Read More

Will there be a White Christmas?

Will there be a white Christmas this year? Go ahead and read the almanac, but you won’t see a reliable forecast until the last few days leading up to Christmas. In the meantime, you can learn about the odds for yuletide snow. Data collected by the government over four decades gives you a good idea Read More


You may have a vague idea that one of your favorite holiday traditions, displaying a Christmas tree in your home, originated centuries ago in Germany. That is true, but there is more drama surrounding the advent of the Christmas tree than many realize. Read on to learn how Christmas trees, today so prolific in shapes Read More

Thank You for Shopping

Thank you for shopping at Silk Trees, Plants & Flowers Thank you for your patronage to our online store of silky magic. We carry a very large inventory of artificial silk trees, plants, flowers and related decorative items needed for indoor and outdoor decoration. We also extend help in your interior and outdoor decorations. Our Read More

A Better Life Through Interior Decorating

A Better Life Through Interior Decorating The way your home looks can have an intimate impact on the overall quality of your life. This is a concept which may not seem obvious at first, and yet when you come to realize what a home really means on a psychological, a functional, and even a spiritual Read More