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A Perfect Vase for your Artificial Flower Arrangement is Half the Battle

Even the most stunning artificial flower arrangement doesn’t shine on its own. Once you have chosen yours, you have one more important decision: how to display it. Before you reach for the nearest vase, consider how shape and height help or hinder the overall appearance of your artificial flower arrangement.


The fishbowl vase is a great option for sparse arrangements. When you have just a few silk flowers to display, you want a container that allows you to arrange them to taste, and with all that curvature, the fishbowl is your best bet.


A short glass cube container is perfect for a dense artificial flower arrangement with short stems. Fill a cube vase with one type of lush flower and the result is striking. The cube is also the perfect modern touch if you’re decorating contemporary spaces.


An elegant, tall flared vase is best for the large artificial flower arrangement with many stems and a variety of flowers. It fosters a fanned shape, and has plenty of room to accommodate the big bunch of silk blooms. Save the fan vase for prominent centerpieces displayed at key focal points in your home.


The column vase is all about drama, as this tall container accommodates the largest artificial flower arrangements, as well as silk grass and reeds, with ease. The column vase is best suited to uniform arrangements and is the natural choice to display contemporary silk flowers.

As a general rule, choose a vase that is roughly half the height of your silk flower arrangement. This will ensure that it won’t overwhelm your flowers but provide adequate support. And if you favor a material other than glass, don’t be afraid to use clay or silver. When you’re using artificial flowers, water is not a factor, so the sky is the limit!

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