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April Wreath

April Wreath DIY: Moss Covered Wreath

It is time for our wreath of the month once again! Hopefully, April has brought with it the beginning of Spring weather, wherever you may be located. It certainly has for me. To celebrate the beginning of warmer weather, I have a fun and incredibly easy wreath project to share with you this month. First, …

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Boxwood Mat Wall

Decorating with Boxwood Mats

Did you know that boxwood mats can be used indoors to make a huge statement? This chiropractor did just that. A boring wall in a standard waiting room has been transformed into a lush green show-stopper. This is a great example of how these mats can be used indoors to create a calming space that …

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Anderson Teak Valencia Table and Chairs

The Luxury of Teak Furniture

Did you know that Teak is a naturally weather-resistant wood? Teak is a durable and natural material is a popular choice for luxury outdoor furniture because it is beautiful, low-maintenance, and renewable. Today, I want to take a moment to talk about this outdoor furniture material, the ways to maintain it, and the options you …

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Potted Dogwood Tree

Evoke Emotion with Artificial Flowers

Flowers have an amazing ability to remind you of a specific place, event, or person. This could not be any more true for me. Hostas remind me of summers at my Grandmother’s house, which was surrounded by these green plants. A single dogwood flower instantly reminds me of my Grandfather. Calla lilies bring back the …

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Oakland Living Cast Iron Elite Chimenea

Kill the Chill with a Chimenea

All week we have been on vacation in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, my home town. I cannot tell you how many years it has been since I have visited in the spring. I am here for Christmas every year but never in April or May. When I drove into town I saw how many leaf barren trees …

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Artificial Flower Arrangement

5 Tips for Decorating with Artificial Flowers

Everyone has their own way of decorating with artificial flowers. Some use them on the mantle, some prefer to take the higher road and use them to decorate an architectural ledge. No matter where you place them in your home, these 5 tips will help you make sure that they are a show-stopper.   1. …

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