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First of all, WORK on Christmas decoration storage and organization so you can safely store, and then find and display the items you love and get rid of the rest.

We’ve got some work to do now, while your favorite decorations are out, to declutter what you don’t want anymore, and to gather your storage supplies for later (that will be steps 1-3 below).

Then, second, after Christmas is over there’s a bit more work to do, because then it’s time to store the decorations away until next year (that will be step 4 below).

Step 1: Declutter And Get Rid Of Decorations You No Longer Use Or Want

As you get your holiday decorations out this year to put up, it is the perfect time to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need, want or cherish anymore.

We’re slowly, through the course of this process, going to declutter every area of our home (including stuff in storage) and these sometimes sentimental items are no different. It can be tough, however, since we can have an emotional connection to some items, especially our Christmas items.

Prime Decorations To Declutter

The items listed below are the prime categories of decorations you should declutter from your home. You can donate anything that others may want to use, and this can help you feel better about parting with some of these items. However, please don’t donate broken or trash items, but instead just throw them away.

  • Broken items beyond repair (or that you realistically will not take the time to repair), such as ornaments, strings of lights, etc.
  • Anything you no longer find attractive or beautiful
  • Stuff you avoid, for whatever reason, from putting out year after year

Remember With Christmas Decorations Less Can Be More

When decluttering really try to keep only the cream of the crop of your Christmas decorations, and ditch the stuff you don’t love or even like very much. You don’t have to cram every surface with decorations to show your Christmas spirit, and your storage area will thank you for it 11 months out of the year!

While We’re Focused On Christmas Decorations Right Now These Principles Apply To All Holiday & Seasonal Decorations

Another thing to keep in mind over the course of the upcoming year is that you’ve got decorations that you traditionally put up for other holidays as well. When you’re dealing with them, during the season you’re displaying them, is the perfect time to organize and declutter that holiday’s stuff.

So use the same principles as discussed in this article when dealing with Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving decorations, or other seasonal decorations.


Step 2: Assess The Decorations Left, Placing Them In Categories

Once you’ve got the cream of the crop left, the next step is to take a quick and dirty inventory of what you’ve saved. You should write down the broad categories of items you’ve got left, the number of items, approximately, and how much space they will fill in your storage containers.

The purpose of this inventory is merely to make sure you’ve got a place for all your Christmas decorations in storage for the majority of each year, so don’t worry too much on complete accuracy as much as reasonable guesstimates.


7.5 foot Red Artificial Tree Bag with Wheels


Here are the major categories to consider and take note of:

  • Ornaments and other decorations for the Christmas tree: approximate quantity, size, shape, extra hooks
  • Light strands: indoor and outdoor, length, color, extra bulbs
  • Artificial tree(s), wreaths and garland: size, shape
  • Nativity scenes, Christmas villages and other freestanding decorations: approximate quantity, size, shape, weight
  • Lawn ornaments and decorations: quantity, size, mechanical and electrical components
  • Christmas dishes: quantity, types of dishes, cups, serving pieces, etc.
  • Candles: size, shape, quantity
  • Miscellaneous decorations

Step 3: Gather The Right Christmas Storage Solutions



30 inch Red Heavy Duty Wreath Storage Bag with Handle

Wreath Keeper Bags can be used for hanging regular to oversize wreaths

Once you’ve got a reasonable estimate of the decorations you’ve still got take a hard look at the containers you’re storing everything in to see if you need to improve how you’re storing everything.

These are all just suggestions and best practices. I’m not suggesting you go out and buy lots of storage containers or other items if you don’t need them, or can’t afford them. But, as you have an opportunity, or over time, these are good things to keep in mind.

The Ideal For Christmas Decoration Storage

The ideal storage arrangement for Christmas decorations will be as follows:

  • Each box contains the same category of stuff, such as one container each for lights, ornaments, other decorations, etc.
  • No box is overly stuffed, but instead everything fits neatly with plenty of room, and everything is packaged to keep it from breaking or being damaged while in storage
  • All storage boxes and other items can be placed together in one storage area in your home so everything stays together, and can easily be found each year
  • Decorations will be protected from extremes of heat, cold, and moisture, along with from dirt, dust, rodents and insects

Christmas Storage Solutions To Consider Before The Holidays Are Over

Until you place your decorations into storage at the end of the holiday season you won’t be able to fully know if you’ve got all the Christmas storage solutions you need. However, the inventory I suggested you make above should help you identify any major areas you need to deal with, and give you time to get the right storage containers (or make something yourself) before you’ve really got to store everything.

With that in mind here are some things to consider before the holiday season is over, so you have time to gather all the right storage supplies you need to complete the Christmas decoration storage and organization challenge:

  • If you’re using cardboard boxes for storage think about replacing them with something more sturdy, such as plastic Christmas storage containers instead, since they are better for stacking, and keep the items inside more protected.
  • Make sure you’ve got enough tissue paper for wrapping ornaments, or use ornament storage boxes with divided containers, which are designed to keep the decorations from clinking together in storage and potentially getting damaged or broken.
  • There’s nothing worse than trying to untangle Christmas lights when trying to put up your Christmas decorations, so to help yourself next year wrap your lights around a homemade Christmas light storage reel, or buy one to make it easier on yourself.
  • Some items are too big to fit in boxes, like an artificial tree (unless it is disassembled) or a wreath, so consider getting items designed specifically to store these things such as Christmas tree storage boxes or bags and wreath storage containers.

Step 4: Put Your Christmas Decorations In Storage Until Next Year (Not Until After The Holidays Though)

The final step of the Christmas decoration storage and organization challenge can’t be done until after the holidays are over, but your preparations from steps 1-3 will make it an easy process.

Once the season is over and it’s time to put everything away, go ahead and place everything back in the boxes or other storage containers you’ve designated. Separate the decorations into the major categories you listed in your inventory in step 2 so that like items stay together.

Be sure to carefully wrap fragile items in tissue paper, or otherwise cushion them so they stay safe. Make sure everything stays covered to protect it from dust and vermin. Be careful when stacking items not to place anything on top of soft or cardboard boxes containing fragile items.

The most important thing is to arrange and store things in a way where everything is easily accessible for next year, and you can find what you want quickly. One of the easiest ways to do this is to label your boxes and other storage containers, and write down on a master inventory what you’ve stored in each container, and where you’ve placed it in storage.

Once you’ve taken these steps this year, each year’s Christmas decoration process from now on will be so much easier. You’ll be able to find all the boxes you need quickly and easily, pull out clean undamaged decorations, and enjoy the process of decorating your home for the holidays.

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