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Outdoor Products We Love For Fall

For many of us, the beginning of October really marks what feels like the Fall season. Halloween is right around the corner. Temperatures are starting to drop, and the holiday season is quickly approaching. Fall is that time of year where we want to make our homes a little more cozy, both inside and outside. Read More

How to Light Your Yard and Patio with Outdoor Lights

Do you love how your yard looks during the day but lose all of that beauty as soon as the sun goes down? There are tons of lighting solutions that can be used to illuminate your deck, patio, garden, and property lines at night. Mix and match the outdoor lights from this list that meet Read More

Safety Benefits of Outdoor Solar Lights

According to ASSIST (Alliance for Solid State Illumination Systems and Technologies), “A successful outdoor lighting design…incorporates the needs to visibility, aesthetic appeal, economy, and energy efficiency. Strategically placed outdoor lights can help illuminate uneven terrain, highlight walkways and stairs, and deter criminals. Best of all, lights on our list today are solar powered, making them Read More

5 Whimsical Outdoor Lights

These whimsical outdoor lights are every bit as fun as they are functional. When placed strategically, they can also help welcome guest and extend the night-time hours that you can use your deck or patio. Why not greet your friends and guests with a waving bear completely outfitted with solar lights?1. Mother & Baby Owl Read More