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The Ultimate Guide To Artificial Topiary

Welcome to the world of artificial topiary – and it really is a whole new world. For centuries, gardeners have been painstakingly coaxing and shaping shrubs and trees into distinctive shapes. The result is often elegant, sometimes amusing, and always eye-catching. However, as you can imagine, creating then maintaining these leafy works of art takes Read More

DIY Valentine’s Day Topiary

Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away and in celebration, we spruced up one of our gorgeous artificial cedar tree and turned it into a beautiful Valentine’s Day decoration. This is such a quick and easy way to add some holiday flare to your home. It took only 5 minutes to complete and is Read More

Buyer’s Guide to Artificial Topiaries

A topiary is a tree or a bush that has been pruned to achieve a specific shape. These beautiful perennial plants have been used in outdoor landscapes as far back as the reign of Julius Caesar and have been a staple in landscape design ever since. Today, topiaries are available in both natural and artificial Read More

Replace Your Holiday Decorations with an Artificial Topiary

Looking at my festive Christmas tree, I am reminded of how bare the house will look when all of the decorations come down. That is when I bring in some potted plants. Why not replace your holiday decorations with year-round greenery. When you remove your Christmas tree, replace it with an artificial topiary in a Read More

10 Tips for Decorating a Christmas Topiary

Creating beautiful holiday decorations all starts with having some wonderfully versatile foundation pieces. Artificial topiaries are one of those items that will be a great investment for Christmas and throughout the year. A simple boxwood topiary looks stunning outside a front door, inside an entry way, or on either side of a hearth but they Read More