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Buyer’s Guide to Artificial Topiaries

A topiary is a tree or a bush that has been pruned to achieve a specific shape. These beautiful perennial plants have been used in outdoor landscapes as far back as the reign of Julius Caesar and have been a staple in landscape design ever since. Today, topiaries are available in both natural and artificial versions. Of course, if you choose to use a natural topiary, you are committing yourself to meticulous pruning on a regular basis. If that thought intimidates you, an artificial topiary may be just what you are looking for.

This ultimate buyer’s guide will help you take the guess work out of choosing the ideal artificial topiary for your home. Don’t let yourself become intimidated by the plethora of options available to you. A simple refining of your search and understanding of topiary terms will help you narrow it down to the one perfect topiary. If there is a category that we talk about that does not matter to you, simply skip it and move on to the next one. If you have any additional questions about any of the topiaries in our line,

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Topiary

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Topiary

Indoor Topiaries Vs. Outdoor Topiaries

Artificial topiaries are commonly used both inside and outside. Before you can determine anything else, you must first decide where you want the topiary to be placed. This placement will come into play during many steps in the narrowing down process so keep a tape measure close at hand. On the left hand side of our Topiaries page you can check a box determining whether you are to be using it indoors and outdoors. If you are not sure, opt for an outdoor topiary. You can always use an outdoor topiary indoors but you can not use an indoor topiary outdoors.

The main difference between the two is that outdoor topiaries are made out of durable materials that will hold up to the elements. The addition of a special UV protection ensures that they will not fade in the sunlight. Indoor topiaries are much more delicate than their outdoor counterparts and should not be exposed to the elements.

Topiary Shapes

Topiary Shapes

Topiary Shapes

Topiaries come in countless different shapes. The most common of which are:

  • Cone
  • Single Ball
  • Ball Cone
  • Double Ball
  • Triple Ball
  • Quadruple Ball
  • Spiral
  • Double Spiral
  • Square
  • Hedge

These shapes are pretty self explanatory and each offer their own style. Check the boxes next to as few or as many shapes as appeal to you.

Topiary Height & Width

Topiaries are available in many different sizes, from just a matter of inches up to 15 feet. Look at the area you would like to place the topiary and use a measuring tape to determine what height you would like the topiary to be. When you do, your search will be narrowed even further. If many different heights would be suitable, simply check all boxes that are within that range. Height and width are two separate categories in our search field so make sure to check both. If width does not matter to you just leave them unchecked.

Topiary Types

Topiary Types

Topiary Types

Artificial topiaries are made to look just like real ones. Because of that, they come in many different types. Trunks, branches, and everything right down to the leaves are designed to look exactly like their natural counterparts. There are literally dozens of different types available, but some of the most common topiary varieties include:

  • Boxwood Topiaries
  • Bay Leaf Topiaries
  • Cypress Topiaries
  • Cedar Topiaries
  • Rosemary Topiaries
  • Tea Leaf Topiaries
  • Podocarpus Topiaries
  • Ivy Topiaries
  • Grass Topiaries
  • Juniper Topiaries

The reason I put this category near the end of our search is because in most cases, a number of different varieties appeal to buyers. Fortunately, we have already narrowed our search with may other categories. Out of what is left, look at the different varieties and check any boxes of types that you find visually appealing.

Standard Pot Vs. Decorative Pot

Once you have narrowed it down to a couple of topiaries that you are choosing between, take the time to read the specific descriptions of each one. You will find that some of our topiaries come in a basic pot intended to support the weight of the tree while others come in beautiful decorative pots that are ready for display.

If you choose one of the topiaries with standard pots, they can easily be placed inside a decorative pot of your choice. If it comes in a special pot already you will not be able to change the pot to at a later date. The topiary will be secured into the pot with cement. A select few of the topiaries come completely unpotted, such as animal topiaries, hedges, and some of the ball topiaries.

I hope you had fun learning all about how to pick out the perfect topiary. If you still need to narrow down your search further, there are additional categories you can use, including price point, light type, and even color. As always, if you have any trouble making a final selection, you can feel free to contact us for expert advice from a member of our sales team. No matter which item you choose, you can rest assured that you will get a top-quality tree that will be a part of your home for many years to come.

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