Slim and Pencil Christmas Trees

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Slim and Pencil Trees

Our pencil Christmas trees are perfect for the small spaces in your home or business that beg for some festivity around the holidays. The slim designs allow for placement against a wall, in a corner, next to a front desk, in front of a window, in a bedroom, or really anywhere you want some color and Christmas cheer. All of our artificial pencil Christmas trees are high-quality and will look great for many years to come. We offer many different sizes, shapes, and styles for you to choose from, just like shopping at a live tree farm.


Whether you have low or high ceilings, we have an artificial slim Christmas tree for you. We have 2-foot trees, 2.5 foot, 3-foot trees, 4-foot trees, 5.5-foot trees, 6-foot trees, 6.5-foot trees, 7-foot trees, 7.5-foot trees, 8 foot, 8.5 foot, 9 foot, 9.5, 10 foot, 11 foot, and 12 foot trees. There is something for everyone in our selection of pencil Christmas trees. No matter the size you choose, all of our trees are easy to assemble, so you can enjoy the beauty of a Christmas tree without the struggle to put it together every year. If youre tired of cleaning up fallen needles, then one of our artificial slim Christmas trees is perfect for you. Your family can still enjoy the aesthetic and nostalgia of having a Christmas tree, just without the constant cleanup and frustration.


One thing you wont find in a live tree lot is a pink Christmas tree! Our wide selection of colors available is what makes our fake pencil Christmas trees so popular among our customers. Many people want the meaning of the tree in their homes for the holidays, but they want it to reflect their personality or their homes aesthetic. And many parents know that giving their daughter a pink tree for their bedroom will make them feel special. Thats why we offer our fake slim Christmas trees in not only traditional evergreen but also neon green, silver, frosted, white, mocha brown, light blue, champagne, snow-tipped, bright red, neon pink, purple, dark purple, gold, and in a few varieties of natural green.

Pre-lit and Unlit

You also have the choice to purchase pencil Christmas trees that are already strung with lights and others that are not. Pre-lit trees are excellent for anyone who doesnt enjoy stringing the tree every year and who wants to avoid the detangling of messy lights. And for the families who consider lighting the tree a special time together, our unlit trees can give you that experience. We want the choice to be yours so that you will love your artificial pencil Christmas trees for years to come.

Nothing makes us happier than to know one of our pencil Christmas trees is in your home and that we are helping to make holidays special for many families around the world. Whether you live in a small bungalow, like to place your tree in front of a large bay window, or you would like to add some cheer to your workplace, our pencil Christmas trees are the perfect option. They can accommodate all kinds of tight spaces and will provide you with multiple ways to decorate for the holidays.