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22 inch Birds Nest Fern in Wicker Basket
26 inch Spathiphyllum in Coiled Rope Wicker Planter
5 foot Dieffenbachia: Potted
62 inch Dracaena in Basket

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3 foot and 5 foot Banana Palm Tree with Bananas: Potted
24 inch Hibiscus in Hanging Basket
Double Stem Phalaenopsis Silk Orchid Arrangement

Multiple Color Options

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5 foot Cypress Spiral Topiary with Finial: Potted
24 inch Pink Geranium in Hanging Basket
18 inch Outdoor Leather Fern in Mossy Hanging Basket (Set of 2) Limited UV Protection
15 inch Pothos in Decorative Planter
3 foot Zebra Plant: Potted
4 foot Cedar Spiral Topiary in Decorative Urn
3.5 foot Double Areca Palm and Pothos in Decorative Planter
5 foot Cordyline Plant: Potted
4 foot Ficus Tree: Potted

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24 inch Red Geranium in Hanging Basket
31 inch Silver King in Basket
11.5 inch Indoor Silk Cactus Garden in Decorative Ceramic Planter
15 inch Cycas Palms in Hexagon Planter
24 inch Variegated Dieffenbachia in Large Hexagon Planter
26 inch Artificial Grass & Dandelion in Cement Planter
45 inch Mini Bamboo Palm in Decorative Planter
38 inch Areca Palm in Wicker Basket
24 inch Bougainvillea in Hanging Basket
14 inch Ivy in White Wash Planter

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18 inch Olive Tree in Vase (Set of 2)
12 inch Silver Queen in Decorative Planter (Set of 2)
35 inch Double Bamboo Palm in Decorative Planter
6 foot Artificial Ficus Tree in Bamboo Planter
22 inch Silk Triple Golden Dieffenbachia in Wood Vase
4 foot Schefflera Tree: Potted
Displaying 65 - 96 of 566 items