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Item No: NEA1160

15 inch Cycas Palms in Hexagon Planter

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  • Potted in a 7W x 5.5H inch decorative pot
Product Details
Do you want to feel like you are on the beach? Palm trees have multiple known species. They have been important to us and are most commonly used in landscaping and bringing joy into the home. The species of the cycas plant is not a true palm. It has the appearance of one. The leaves appear to be like the palm plant, but also look very similar to a fern. The real cycas plant is usually a plant that supports a crown of dark green leaves. It is connected to a thick trunk. The plant is very slow growing. The plant takes several years to grow. It usually will be about over 5 years. The cycas plant would need to be repotted every 3 years. You will most likely find one in a tropical and subtropical area. They are known to be from a area in Asia. They survive well in hot and damp climates. The plant grows best in bright sunlight. During the winter you would need to reduce watering. Over-watering can cause the plant to rot. This is why an artificial cycas palm would be perfect for your home. Having an artificial palm tree in your home will feel like you are right there in ancient times with a fossil like plant. The 15 inch cycas palm tree will give your home a warm and calm feeling. You will feel relaxed knowing the plant is there in your home giving of the appearance of landscape. The artificial cycas palm requires no extra care. There is no need of watering, sun, or a warm climate. People with pets might not want to risk having a real cycas. The plants are known to be poisonous if ingested. The quality of the artificial cycas plant will make people think it is a real plant. A home or office will have conditions that would normally harm a real palm plant. That is why the artificial cycas palm plant is the best option to create the atmosphere for being near a tropical place. The silk plant is inside of a hexagon vase, creating a nice balance even in the most uninteresting of spaces. If you think having a certain plant will make you feel good and relaxed, then you need to go on and welcome this plant into your home. Recreating warm summer nights in your home any time of the year. Something is looking to claim a corner in your home, the 15 inch artificial cycas palm should be in the center of it. Give the impression of a lush and tropical sensation.
Product Specifications
Height Inches:15
Width Inches:24
Measurements:Fluffed trees may settle 6-12 inches. Our trees are measured from the top of the tree to the bottom of the pot.
Leaf Type:polyester silk
Potting:7W x 5.5H inch decorative container
Warranty:1 year limited: click for details