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How to Make a Christmas Wreath Centerpiece

We all have them laying around our houses, Christmas wreaths that are just calling for a brand new use. Today, I have a ten-minute project that will take your ordinary wreath from plain jane to absolutely stunning. I started with a plain wreath like the one below and added an assortment of floral stems and Read More

How to Tie a 3-Loop Wire Edged Ribbon Bow

Wire edged ribbon bows are readily available at your local home decor store but why spend so much money on pre-made bows when they are so easy to do yourself? If you have never tried to tie a wire edged ribbon bow before, this is the perfect one to start with. All you need in Read More

Fluffing an Artificial Christmas Wreath

Do you love the lasting and perfect beauty of an artificial Christmas wreath but struggle to get that same natural look at home with your own wreath? There is a very special step in the decorating process for these synthetic Christmas wreaths, which involves manually fluffing and manipulating each of the branches. When your artificial Read More

Handmade Halloween Ornaments – DIY

If you have ever gone to the store looking for that perfect color combination of ornaments but you feel as though you just can’t find it, have no fear. You can make a set of glass ball ornaments that are an exact match for your color scheme. I had this exact problem when I set Read More