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Fluffing an Artificial Christmas Wreath

Do you love the lasting and perfect beauty of an artificial Christmas wreath but struggle to get that same natural look at home with your own wreath? There is a very special step in the decorating process for these synthetic Christmas wreaths, which involves manually fluffing and manipulating each of the branches.

Douglas Fir Pre-Lit Wreath

Douglas Fir Pre-Lit Wreath

When your artificial wreath is shipped to your house, chances are that it will be wrapped in bubble wrap, paper, or packing peanuts. Even if your purchase the wreath at a local store, it would have been flattened for shipping to the store. Instead of hanging it as is, flattened and shapeless, take ten minutes to bring it back to life by shaping it.

Start by laying your wreath on a table. Slowly lift one frond at a time so that it stands up in a very natural way. The branches along the outer edge should point outward, the ones along the inside edge should point inward, and the ones in the center should be pointed up. Each frond will have a piece of sturdy wire in the center, making it easy to place exactly where you would like it.

Work your way the whole way around the wreath until all of the individual branches have been nice and fluffed. If you have purchased a pre-lit tree, have no fear. The lights will come attached to individual branches so that you are able to manipulate them without disrupting the lights themselves.

When you are ready to pack away your wreath at the end of the year, gently lay the branches back down and place the wreath in a plastic container specifically designed for wreaths. Taking this extra time when packing it away will help to ensure that it will stay looking great for many years to come.

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