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A bouquet of Silk Poinsettias

December is an unusual but beautiful month to have a wedding. Everyone is already full of holiday cheer, and your special day only adds to the feeling of joy in the air. But former winter brides know that the frigid temperatures are a force to be reckoned with. Not only do they have to worry about keeping warm without sacrificing style. They also have to make sure their hair, and flowers will stand up to the elements.

Let your stylist worry about your ‘do, and read on for great tips on how to create a stunning Christmas bouquet using silk poinsettias and other fabulous accents. We recommend you hire a professional florist to construct your floral masterpieces, but these are some great ideas to pitch as you attempt to realize your vision:

Some brides prefer the simplicity of one flower in their bouquet. Because silk poinsettias are so full, they are definitely up to the task. But, if you prefer a mixed bouquet, here are some accent pieces that complement poinsettias very nicely:



Berry sprigs

Pine cones

Snowflake jewels

Evergreen needles

Mini bells


To decorate the stems, satin red ribbon is a versatile and classic choice. Or, try velvet in rich holiday hues, like burgundy, forest green, champagne, gold, silver, or stark white. A cost effective alternative is gift wrap ribbon, but make sure it is of high quality to coincide with the formality of your wedding day.


Bridesmaids bouquets should be scaled-back versions of yours. Use smaller groupings of the same holiday flowers and accents to achieve a cohesive look among your bridal party. And for the little ones in your wedding party—flower girls and junior bridemaids—consider using candy canes to accent their silk poinsettias. They are a charming, and tasty, addition!

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