Artificial Palm Trees

Bring your favorite part of the tropics into your home with our decorative palm trees. Our comprehensive collection of silk palm trees features all your favorite varieties, including areca, kentia, bamboo, coconut, Phoenix palms and more. No matter which style you are drawn to, the true beauty is in the intricate details of the trunks, branches and leaves.

Our artificial palms range in both height and width, making it easy to find one that will fit perfectly in your home or office space. Our indoor fake palm trees are made out of top-quality materials that look so real that you will not be able to help but reach out and touch them. Choose one of the palms in a decorative pot for a ready-to-go ease or choose one in a plain plastic pot and make it your own by placing it inside the planter of your choice.

Areca palm trees are our most popular style. They are incredibly full and bushy which allows you to use them as filler in a room or hallway. If you are going for a more artistic touch try our Kentia palm trees, they have less leaves that are thicker and more widely spread, to create the allusion of a big fan. For large attriums or entry ways you may want to focus on our Phoenix and coconut palms that have more of a canopy look. Regardless, our faux palm trees are going to fake out even your most discerning guests. Give us a call if you have any design questions. We are here to help.