Artificial Palm Trees

Artificial Palm Trees

Enjoy a wide selection of indoor artificial palm trees for your home or office! Each of our fake palm trees are made of high quality silk so that they look exactly like the real palm trees you would find in exotic and tropicals regions of the world! We offer artificial palm trees that are short, tall, potted, unpotted, basically any size, shape and style. One of them is sure to match your tastes and the décor of your home or office. Choose from artificial silk palm trees including Areca Palm Trees, Bamboo Palm Trees, Banana Palm Trees, Bird of Paradise Palm Trees, Coconut Palm Trees, and so many more.

Artificial palm trees are one of the most popular fake trees of our customers because they recreate the atmosphere of the idyllic tropics no matter where they are displayed. Think back to your last trip to an exotic or tropical region... When you arrived after a long journey, seeing that first tropical palm tree was your cue that the time to unwind had come. It was your signal to sit back and relax you'd arrived in paradise! Why wouldn't you want to display a piece of this warm-weather haven in your home or office every day of the year? It is easy to do with an indoor artificial palm tree, and you've certainly arrived at the right place to find one.

Enjoy Zoom-In Imagery

You've seen these palm trees many times before maybe you just didn't know their names. Artificial palm trees are available in many more species than you may know which is exactly why we recommend that you spend some time browsing each of our artificial palm options available. Our state-of-the-art Zoom-In imagery will allow you to see specific subtle differences in tree size, palm leaf shape, color, and size so that you can perfectly complement your home decor.

How to Choose the Right Silk Palm Tree for Your Home or Office

If you prefer fake palm trees with palm leaves on the short side, consider an artificial Raphis palm tree which features dense branches of stout leaves of a deep green hue. Or, how about an artificial bamboo palm tree with short and dainty palm leaves that look like they were plucked right from the jungle?

A feeling of feathery freshness radiates from the graceful branches of the artificial Areca palm, as well as the artificial Kentia palm. These striking artificial palm trees are customer favorites for obvious reasons: with their long, feathery branches, it's easy to envision these silk palms in the corner of a formal living room, on a grand staircase landing, or situated at the entrance to a professional office. In fact, it's easy to envision them pretty much anywhere!

Maybe you prefer a more exotic look. If so, consider purchasing an artificial Pony Tail palm tree. The long, deep-green leaves of this silk indoor palm are slightly wirey and unkempt, giving them a slight wild edge. But they'll look appropriate in any space, formal or informal.

You might also consider trying an artificial Cycas palm, which is a stout, dense shrub that fills in empty spaces beautifully. artificial Pickeral palms and artificial Travellers palms offer a different look entirely, with flat, shining leaves that grow in an upward formation.

Towering artificial Fan palm trees and artificial Phoenix palm trees create an umbrella of shade overheard. What a scene they'll create in your atrium or on your covered patio!

Once you've found an artificial indoor palm tree that suits your taste and the décor of your home or office, you’ll want to reference the specification tab under your chosen product to see if it comes potted or unpotted. Those that come complete with decorative planters are ready to go, while unpotted artificial palm trees are easily anchored in the decorative planter of your choosing. Maybe you have the perfect one at home. Just be sure to check the measurements of the base of your tree to ensure a good fit. If you don't have the right planter at home, feel free to browse and choose from a stylish selection of planters and baskets.

Shopping for home decor products online can be a challenge. As you consider which artificial indoor palm tree will best complement your decor, please don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff with your questions. We are here during regular business hours, and look forward to assisting you in any way we can.