Clean Your Silk Plants and Trees the Right Way

Plant lovers select artificial plants in part because they are a low-maintenance alternative to live plants. But this doesn’t mean they don’t require any upkeep at all. Your artificial plant collection might not need water, sunlight or fertilizer, but what it does need is regular cleaning. Otherwise the shiny, bright green leaves of your silk Read More

Make Silk Poinsettias Glow

It’s never too early to start planning your next magazine-worthy Christmas display. Each year, it’s fun to find new ways to display your favorite traditional ways to display your beloved traditional decorations. Take silk poinsettias. It’s always lovely to display them in some fashion, but the same old potted display is tired after all these Read More

Show Off Your Artificial Orchid

Orchids are drastically different from most any other flower you would display in your home. They have an otherworldly quality, though they are found in most climates across Earth. Orchids grow most prominently in Asia, South America and Central America and are known as the city flower in Shaoxing, China. In the United States, the Read More

Tropical Flowers for Interior Decorating Article

A tropical flower is something beautiful and has always attracted and puzzled human beings since time immemorial. We have studied and classified countless species of flowers in a bid to understand them better. Tropical flowers are found in abundance in places like Hawaii, they have immense cultural significance, and are an integral part of the Read More

Sending Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful way to express how we feel. The feelings that we have in our hearts are expressed through flowers. There are many gifts that we send to convey a message of love, sympathy or congratulations. Flowers are one of the best gifts that we can give someone. “Say it with flowers” and Read More

Internet Flower Article

The internet over the past decade has completely changed the way we communicate, shop, research and express ourselves. Be it entertainment or keeping up with personal relationships, be it education or commerce, or be it simple communication or exchange of cultural sensibilities – the Internet has affected every domain of our lives and the same effects can Read More

Flower Gifts Article

They are round or conical, radial, or circular – flowers are grown in nature in various shapes, sizes and colors – they are beautiful and they manifest the true essence of nature in whatever they do. Blooming flowers demand a special mention, so do fading flowers. They symbolize purity and there is not single occasion Read More