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Clean Your Silk Plants and Trees the Right Way

Plant lovers select artificial plants in part because they are a low-maintenance alternative to live plants. But this doesn’t mean they don’t require any upkeep at all. Your artificial plant collection might not need water, sunlight or fertilizer, but what it does need is regular cleaning. Otherwise the shiny, bright green leaves of your silk plants will soon become dull and limp under a veil of grime.

Artificial plant manufacturers recommend different cleaning regimens, depending on the level of dirt that has settled on your faux plants. A plant that is exposed to light dirt accumulation only needs to be cleaned once every six months, while a faux plant that sustains medium dirt accumulation should be cleaned every four months. Plants that collect heavy dirt and grime should be cleaned every one to two months.

If you are ready to tackle the dirt that’s plaguing your indoor artificial plants, follow the steps below.

Light Dirt Accumulation

-Using a feather duster, remove all loose dust from your artificial plants and trees. Make sure to thoroughly clean each leaf, the center stock, and all branches.

-Spray a coating of non-aerosol silk cleaner all over your silk plants and trees. Each brand has specific instructions, so be sure to read the label thoroughly before you begin.

Moderate Dirt Accumulation

-Using a feather duster, remove all loose dust from your faux plants and artificial trees.

-Treat your silk plants and trees with a combination of warm water and soap. A flakey soap, like Ivory soap, works best. Mix one teaspoon of soap with two gallons of water and apply with a spray bottle. Spray your faux plants and trees all over with this mixture. Then, treat your silk plants and trees with one to three applications of non-aerosol silk cleaner as needed. Allow the leaves to dry between applications.

Heavy Dirt Accumulation

-Using a feather duster, remove all loose dust from your artificial plants and trees

-Using the same soapy mixture above, treat your silk plants and trees twice with a spray bottle. Hand-wipe the leaves after application if necessary.

-Treat your artificial greenery one to three times with non-aerosol silk cleaner. If your plants require more than one application, allow them to dry completely between treatments.

Artificial plants and trees that are very dirty will need to be hand-wiped for thorough cleaning. Concentrate on the center veins of your faux leaves because these can be the most difficult spots for dirt removal.

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