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Creating a Drought-Proof Landscape Part 4: Incorporate Artificial Plants and Trees

Over the past several weeks we have been discussing our four-part solution for creating a drought-proof landscape. It all started with tearing out existing grass, which requires frequently watering to properly maintain. With the grass cleared out, we discussed the importance of making hardscaping the star of your landscape. With the space that is left for Read More

Creating A Drought-Proof Landscape Part 3: Choose Low-Water Plants

Drought conditions throughout more than a third of the country have inspired us to write a series on how to create a drought-proof landscape. In areas of frequent and severe drought,  Over the past few weeks ew have discussed removing your grass and making hardscaping the star of your landscape in its stead. Today, we Read More

Creating A Drought-Proof Landscape Part 2: Make Hardscaping The Star

Currently, about 39 million people in the state of California alone are experiencing severe drought conditions. This problem is not one that plagues California alone. A third of the United States experiences drought conditions and it has become apparent that something needs to be done to help conserve water. After five years of severe drought, many Read More

Creating a Drought-Proof Landscape Part 1: Removing Grass

According to the United States Drought Monitor, more than 33% of Americans experience moderate to severe drought conditions at some point throughout the year. Areas hit the hardest, such as California and Nevada, don’t often get a break from these harsh weather conditions. In many cases, drought conditions lead to restrictions being placed on homeowner Read More